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A Buttery bonanza of beachy bar bites

By The Rehoboth Foodie | Aug 22, 2013
Photo by: Foodie The kobe burger on The Buttery's pub menu is simple and delicious - not unlike the Foodie.

It all starts with the best of intentions: “Let’s just get a quick drink at the bar, and then we’ll get a table at a restaurant for dinner.” Seems like the perfect plan. But somewhere around mid-cocktail #2, the plan begins to crumble. Suddenly that barstool is more comfortable than it was an hour ago, and the thought of staying put is sounding better by the minute. It is at this moment that smart eateries will magically produce a bar menu. And there you stay, right there in your seat.

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Some of the best bar fare around is at The Buttery in Lewes. Though the main restaurant is known for its casually elegant fine-dining, the bar is another story entirely.

Highlights on the pub menu include silky seafood chowder chock-full of maritime delights, which serves as the perfect prelude to the uncomplicated kobe burger, topped only with cheddar to leave room for that extra-juicy beef. In fact, I think the word “Kobe” translates to, “Please bring me 9 more napkins, please.” Or something like that.

If you lose track of time (that never happens in a bar), lighter fare is there for the asking: I love the crab avocado spring rolls with cilantro dipping sauce and a bracing jalapeño relish. An alternative comes in the form of crispy fried oysters with a ginger/lime-infused cocktail sauce. Since we seem to be on a roll (spring or otherwise), I’ll also mention a few of my other pub favorites: The Buttery Blue Tenderloin Salad (a small filet lounges in a nest of various lettuces, cucumbers, olives, artichoke hearts and who in the heck knows what else) and the Summer Spinach Salad (with melon, smoked ham and toasted pecans). And they’ll toss that filet on top for just a few bucks more.

You can get the full dinner menu in the pub from 5:00 on, but the bar menu is a tad less fussy. Locals whisper that The Buttery’s pub fare “one of Lewes’ best-kept secrets.” So don’t tell anybody I told you about it. I have to live here, y’know.

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