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A wake up call to untouchable drivers

By Jan Monihan, RN | Jan 11, 2013

Bay Breeze is a quiet neighborhood, a place where residents enjoy casual walks - some with canes, some with walkers, others with their pet. It is sad this quiet area is disturbed by a few who have no respect for other people. Once we hit the guard box, the gas pedal is pushed harder - only thinking about their own person.

The one who worries about social position; some who think our friends make us untouchable. Instead of glaring at the people who call out slow down, do it.

If you ever were a first responder or a skilled person in the ER, it is a situation which most don't forget. The guilty never suffer; just the victim. Stop before it is too late - respect our excellent police force and the speed signs.

Jan Monihan, RN

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