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Adventures in Drool 2013: The remix

By Rachel Swick Mavity | Jan 21, 2013

Happy Monday droolers. Wow, where has January gone? I know I promised to return more quickly, but life has gotten a bit crazy around these parts.

Our little Droolface is now a walking and running little man. Every day he looks less and less like a baby. He still drools occasionally, but hey, so does my husband!

So kicking off 2013. Did you make resolutions? Or resolve not to resolve?

My husband and I were caught up in a holiday whirlwind that finally subsided last week, so we didn't do resolutions. But, we do have goals for this year, including paying off credit cards, paying down loans and losing some weight.

While losing weight is always a good goal, I find it's best to come at it with a full plan of how you are going to make weight loss a reality. You can't just say, hey, I'm going to lose weight, and then it miraculously happens. You have to be dedicated.

And, with a little one running around, making the time for workouts and healthy meals can be difficult. Let's face it, planning anything with a kid is difficult sometimes.

As a family, we decided to use some of our dwindling funds to join a gym. Getting a family plan is a real commitment because it means every person has to dedicate himself or herself to getting to the gym so that the money isn't wasted.

By making a plan for each day, it makes it easier to accomplish goals such as getting to the gym. If I know that today is a gym day, then when I leave work, I already have my brain geared to gym mode.

Anyone can join a gym, the difficult part is making the most out of that gym membership. Here's hoping for a successful and healthier 2013!

Can't wait to pick up the blog right where we left off last year, and looking forward to meet all you new parents or parents-to-be. Send comments or blog ideas to


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