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Adventures in Drool

By Rachel Swick Mavity
Ryan, Rachel and Alex Mavity

Adventures in Drool is a blog dedicated to what happens in life when living with a drool-covered baby, lack of sleep and indigestion – generally life with a family. As a working mother, Rachel Swick Mavity delves into parenting topics, cooking for a family, playtime fun, getting back in shape after baby and more. Check back each week to see what’s happening in the drool kingdom.  Visit her blog at

Rachel Swick Mavity is mom to a toddler, with a baby on the way. She works as a communications assitant in the healthcare industry. She previously worked as a journalist for seven years at newspapers from Pennsylvania to Maryland and Delaware. In Sussex County she worked for several newspapers, including the Cape Gazette. She lives in Lewes with her husband, Ryan Mavity, and their son, "Droolface" Mavity.



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