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Americans murdered: Who is responsible?

By Bob Martin | Nov 22, 2012

Aside from radical Muslims in Benghazi being responsible for the death/sodomy of a U.S. ambassador and three U.S. hero citizens who fought for hours to save and lead others to safety, who gave the order denying increased security directly asked for by the ambassador?  Who took the ammo away from U.S. citizens who ordered the three Americans to stand down, which they ignored to their credit.

They could not see U.S. people die. There was not even a C-130 gunship sent to support the men to prevent breach of the walls.  Who gave the direct orders to allow these U.S. citizens’ deaths?  Both Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama said they take the responsibility which amounted so far to -  nothing. So did they allow the death of our “greatest new generation”?

Bob Martin
Long Neck

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