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Animal Activist & Rescuer has a New Year's Wish for 2013

By Marleen Oetzel | Dec 24, 2012
Lost and Found Dog Rescue No-Kill Adoption Center

(1) My wish for the New Year is that we are able to rescue & allow the owners to reclaim their lost dogs from Kent County from *un- Safe Haven*  Sussex County since they took over the Animal Control.

If you are a Kent County resident who lost your dog since 7/1/12, your dog may be inhumanely warehoused in crates & kennels all over the state. Safe Haven is hoarding/warehousing lost dogs at The Animal Inn, Delmarva Pet Resort, All Aboard & Safe Haven. We want to help you find your dog since Safe Haven did not make that possible when your dog "went missing." You have a right to demand to be able to "look" for your dog in any of these kennels.  

(2) My wish is that all states create stronger laws & punishment to meet the crime to those who inflict pain & suffering to helpless animals such as what happened to Hercules. The NJSPCA Animal Cops handled his case & his owner was promptly found guilty & he now lives with his new Mom Terry --

(3) My wish is that for all those on the "Delaware Animal Welfare Task Force" can humble themselves enough to KNOW that you need experienced professional Animal Control/Care Officers on the committee. Their experience will actually help the animals ---------- rather then what happens here in Delaware (and across the country) where non-animal welfare "feel-gooders" are deciding & creating laws that can not be enforced & have no actual value to the animals they were designed to help.

(4) My wish is that every State & County create an aggressive Spay/Neuter program funded by tax-payers, that's right funded by tax-payers & donors. People are paying out of their taxes to ............. catch them, house them, vet them, kill them, dispose of their bodies.

Doesn't it make more sense to divert a % of those funds so we won't have to in the coming year of 2013 to continue: ............ to catch them, house them, vet them, kill them, dispose of their bodies.

We've been doing it since the beginning to time - how's it been working?

(5) My extra wish is that No-Kill Delaware & the National No-Kill Movement --- lead by Nathan Winograd --- ceases to exist when everyone finally understands that if you want to be able to say "No Kill" yet Spay/Neuter isn't your #1 priority -- this has no chance of actually --- ever in a million years --- of helping the animals that they *say* they care about.

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