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Are donations reason owners not penalized?

By Fred Neil | May 10, 2013

An error by Common Cause listed political contributions made by AstraZenca as the biggest election campaign donor from 2007 to 2012. If AstraZenca was not first on the list, then First State Manufacturing, the leased land community owners' organization, was Number One, with $134,000 in reported donations. The money came from the unlimited yearly rents charged to homeowners on leased land, an economically vulnerable demographic in the state.


By inference, Common Cause indicated contributions to legislators and support of the community owners interests were tied together in the defeat of SB 205, rent justification in 2012. In reality, the contribution list did not include "sweetheart" campaign headquarter rentals given by a New Castle community owner. None of those representatives voted for the bill.


It also may not have included direct donations by individuals in excess of $100. In 2012, one individual (Andrew Strine) whose family owns 12 communities in Delaware, donated in his name $7,300. Family members of another well known community owner (Tunnell) collectively donated $9,850.


The shame of the situation is if the new rent justification bill, SB 33, fails this year, not only will money keep flowing from these leased land cash cows, but law breaking community owners will still be able to pass along any fines and legal costs to victims of their law breaking via unlimited yearly rents. The Delaware way?


Fred Neil


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Posted by: Pat Weyl | May 10, 2013 12:51

Mr. Neil, 

You are a Board member of the Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association of Delaware.  Your non profit has collected $10,000 Grant in Aid monies to date and have ignored my 19 certified letters to see how the taxpayers money has been spent.  Your non profit has collected this Grant in Aid money without having the required audits, which other non profits have to submit to quality.  But your political relationship with House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf was used last year when Rep. Schwartzkopf falsely stated to the members of the Joint Finance Committee DMHOA does have audits.  Anyone who does an FOIA can see there are no audits.  This is appalling when other non profits that play by the rules could use the money.  Do you receive th eGrant In Aid money because of who you know politically because you certainly aren't following the rules?

 You also have ignored my requests to see the books and records of this non profit.  As a member when I asked the President Mr. Speraw to see the books and records and you and Mr. Speraw stated they were private.  I’m sorry members, community members and taxpayer money and the books and records are private?  This is the same non profit where 7 board members resigned for lack of transparency when it was discovered after reviewing one year of finances, that the members and community members were paying the President cable bills since 2002. Not to mention the fact he had 4 cell phones for his personal use.   Your By-Laws also state you can pick and choose your members.  How is that legal to pick and choose members when DMHOA is the nonprofit organization collecting taxpayer monies, being the nonprofit to contact in Chapter 70, and parades itself as the only non profit supporting residents in manufactured housing?  You don't make the rules up as you go because of who you know do you Mr. Neil? 

 The President of DMHOA, Mr. Speraw, was self appointment based on political relationships of the two of you to a job making $25 an hour plus expenses through the Relocation Trust Authority.  The same authority you are trying to get the Governor to appoint you too so you will be able to see the financials statements of the landowners.  A goal you have stated for over 10 years.  You write a check for rent and think you are entitled to know someone’s profit margin?  

Your non profit is also not allowed to get polically involved but how is it I have years of recorded meetings where you parade elected officials in meetings telling us to vote for them?   How is it I have been advised Mr. Schwartzkopf personally asked the  CLASI organization to have friend of yours who has a two income family with a second home in manufactured housing represented by legal aid in a lawsuit against a landowner, when a women who is disabled and works part time doesn’t qualify?!?! The lawsuit with a landowner that we all know Mr. Schwartzkopf has had personal issues with?!  Is it your political connection Mr. Neil?

 Kettle black here Mr. Neil? 

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