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Are immigrants being sent to Delaware?

By Robert Fischer | Jul 19, 2014

Who in Delaware state government is responsible to ensure that Delaware residents are not at risk from highly contagious diseases being brought into the USA through Mexico by 50,000 immigrant children each month plus their relatives, terrorists, MS-13 gang members, drug cartel members, and other dangerous criminals entering the USA illegally?

Does anyone in Delaware state government know if any of these immigrants are being sent to Delaware by the federal government, or coming here on their own initiative because they have relatives or friends here in Delaware?  I don’t want to be alarmist, but for those states receiving these immigrants, a significant public health threat (drug-resistant TB, measles, chicken pox, scabies, etc.) is already being trumpeted by many media sources as well as some federal agencies.

Dover AFB could be a likely destination, as it has a large airfield and buildings on base that could be converted to refugee housing. After that, the children could be assimilated into surrounding communities throughout the state. I do not think federal, state or local officials are taking the public health threat seriously enough.

The USA cannot afford to wait until we have a pandemic throughout the USA in general and/or Delaware in particular before starting preventative planning and action.

Robert Fischer


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