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Barnyard beauty aids are more affordable than others

By Joe and Teresa Graedon | Feb 16, 2012

Americans spend billions on skin care products. Open virtually any women's magazine and you will find ads for wrinkle creams, anti-aging lotions, gels to rejuvenate the delicate skin around eyes and high-tech formulations to boost skin's resiliency while you sleep.

Walk into any department store or pharmacy and you will discover shelves stuffed with an incredible array of products, each one claiming to outdo the next. There are products that contain "the oriental secret to younger-looking skin." Others have ingredients that sound impressive such as liposomes, collagen and elastin.

The promises are fantastic. These creams, gels and lotions all but guarantee they can turn back the clock 10 or 20 years to improve skin tone and texture while giving your face a smoother and more supple appearance. If your skin is feeling "tired," no worries! You can "revive" it while firming and moisturizing. Wrinkles will be "erased" almost as if they were chalk on a blackboard.

Sorry to disillusion. Despite the extraordinary claims, there are no miracle moisturizers. You can't erase wrinkles, wake up sleepy skin or eliminate bags under your eyes with a cream, lotion, potion or gel. Most products can help the skin hold its moisture better. But so can other, more humble moisturizers that have been on the market for decades at a fraction of the cost.

Over the last 20 years, we have become aware of the wonders of what we call barnyard beauty aids. Farm women have written in praising the benefits of Bag Balm and Udder Cream. These products cost a tiny fraction of what the fancy-sounding creams go for.
They are gaining popularity with knitters, quilters and needlepointers. Carol wrote: "A friend of mine who also quilts gave me a sample of Udder Cream and I love it! Since I am diabetic, my skin gets really dry and Udder Cream helps. I like the texture and the fact that it's non-greasy. I'm getting rid of all my other creams and using just this."

If your hands are dry and the knuckles are red and irritated, you may also benefit from barnyard beauty aids. The makers of Udder Cream (Redex Industries does underwrite our radio show and supports our website) have new products with urea to really aid very dry skin.

A veterinarian wrote to sing the praises of Udder Cream. She said, "I wash my hands close to 50 times per day. You can imagine what that does to my skin. By the end of the week my knuckles would be red and raw if it weren't for Udder Cream."

Udder Cream contains a wound-healing agent, allantoin, as well as dimethicone, lanolin and propylene glycol. It looks and smells more like a nice hand cream. If you can't find Udder Cream in your local pharmacy or discount store, you can call (800) 345-7339 or go online to

Moisturizers work best when applied at bedtime. Wearing cotton gloves helps protect bedclothes and they are great for keeping moisturizer in place all night long. Such sleeping gloves can be ordered from

Why spend gobs of money on pricey skin creams when you can get even better results from barnyard beauty aids!

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