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Beach Blast lacrosse tournament a wicked success

Wicked Witch Showcase coming to Cape Oct. 27
By Dave Frederick | Jul 01, 2013
Photo by: Dave Frederick Rachel Florek, ESLC goalie of the 2016 team and Stephen Decatur student, makes a save versus a team from Long Island.Tess Bernheimer, 13, provides backup.

The 2013 Beach Blast Invitational girls' lacrosse tournament held June 28 to 30 at Cape Henlopen High School welcomed 104 teams from Michigan, Colorado, Ohio, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Delaware and other places. All you had to do was follow the changing accents and you were embedded into an alien culture club of girls' lacrosse juggernauts. Long Island must have been empty. Lots of stellar teams came from that neighborhood with relatives crowding the sidelines and they are all in the game.

This is the second year for the tournament with Sue Murphy and Courtney Vaughn as directors.

Murphy is known by everybody who’s anybody or nobody throughout the world of college and high school women’s lacrosse. She has coached Oberlin, Boston University, Richmond and the U.S.A. Developmental Team.

Courtney Vaughn is a veteran high school coach at Winters Mill, Md.

The 104 teams are guaranteed at least four games. That’s 416 games over three days on seven fields. There is only one horn to signal the starts and ends of halves and games. Each game is two 25-minute periods.

‘Each team pays a $1,300 registration fee,” Murphy said. “We filled out a facilities use form, and when it’s all over the Cape district will bill us."

That’s $135,000 gross revenue just on registration fees, but each of 416 games has two working officials, many of them college caliber, and there are four trainers on site as well as custodians, rescue people and even webmasters. That's a lot of overhead.

“We know coach Kesmodel of Cape, who helped us with the idea of this tournament," Murphy said. “The economic impact for the local community we conservatively estimate at 2 million dollars. The word is out, and teams want to come here. It is the perfect venue and location, and the people are so nice. “

The Wicked Witch Lax Fest will be held at Cape on Sunday, Oct. 27, in what Murphy called a same-day showcase.

“The sport of girls' lacrosse has exploded all over the country, including colleges starting new programs,” Murphy said. “There are just so many opportunities for these girls and coaches to come to tournaments and find each other.”

Sue Murphy was camp director along with Courtney Vaughn.
Draw control in girls' lacrosse is like a scrum in rugby - can't score without the ball. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Katie Frederick, No. 17, class of 2018, forces a player to the sidelines. Hattie Brous, 14, closes in. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Seriously, don't bring that junk in here! Grace Gast moves in on the goal. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Close encounter in a middle school game. (Photo by: Dave frederick )
Cam Wick is heading into trouble. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
2018 FS Lax girls wait to play for championship of their group. They look harmless enough. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Got to love the grill guy on a steamy afternoon. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Katie Klabe carries the ball for the 2017 team. That ESLC group lost in finals. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Molly Soule, 22, and Sophie Brennan go for the ball on the draw. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Molly Soule stops quickly, about to get whacked. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Five heads can corral one ball. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Jamie Trabaudo of ESLC and Polytech moves the ball down the field. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Molly Soule has a better than even chance of getting whacked in the face. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Madison Marciniak, 2017, pressures the goalie. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
A Lady Rocks defender - team from Michigan - works to get past Leigh Lingo. Lady Rocks won the 2017 championship (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Mackenzie Froman carries the ball into the offensive zone. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
What foul? (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Lizzie Frederick likes to mix it up, a long way from playing Annie in her fifth-grade musical. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
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