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Beaches: North or south?

By Billie Criswell | Jun 19, 2014

Every summer I run into someone who says: “We’re in the South now!”

It amazes me.  I'm always quick to favor that remark, though, over “Delaware? What state is that in?”

In any case, the fact that our state is (or was) a northern state is not only a bit of history, but also one that leaves people scratching their heads when I correct them. Perhaps in our customs and general attitude we do seem a little Southern, though.

Located next to Maryland, Delaware looks like it belongs in the south.

In fact, you can drive to Maryland from my house in just 8 minutes, and Coastal Highway connects even the farthest Delaware beach to Ocean City within an hour. You can even cross into Maryland without knowing it.

And then there is the cuisine. I was raised in an Italian-American style by a New York mother.

I never had a donut until I was close to 9, let alone a slippery dumpling or lima bean. Ah, the slippery dumpling. If you’ve never had one, you’re in for a treat, but don’t mistake these delicious dumplings for Southern fare because the slippery dumpling is regional. And dumplings in the South don’t slip, they are dropped and much more doughy.

Now I know, we’ve got all the laid-back charm of the South. If you’ve come from far enough north, you might even notice a bit of an accent. But I assure you, there is an unmistakable accent in the true south.

As for our laid-back style? Blame that on the ocean! When you get your feet in the smooth sand and the sun casts its spell, well, there is no escape.

So the next time you are “down here” and find yourself confused whether you're in the north or south, rest assured that you are just at the beach and that appeals to everyone - no matter what side of the Mason Dixon Line you're on.

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