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Beware of DMHOA fundraiser

By Pat Weyl | May 05, 2013

A recent advertised fundraiser for the Delaware Manufactured Home Owners is an alarming concern. The monies raised by this event stated it will benefit the work that DMHOA does to help those in need who live in manufactured home communities on leased land.

Has anyone ever seen the financial figures of where DMHOA does help people financially on leased land? This is the same nonprofit that has collected $10,000 in Grant-in-Aid monies and refuses anyone to do a review of taxpayer money.

This is the same group where seven board members resigned because of the lack of transparency. In the resignation article it stated how the cable bill for the president was being paid without knowledge to anyone. And they are doing a fundraiser? For what, spend more money without member and community approval?

Like writing a check for $400 for a resident in a legal fight with Sussex County about a shed placement instead of writing a check for $400 to help a needy family to heat their home or pay their electric bill.

Be wary of DMHOA board members doing a fundraiser. Don’t donate unless you can freely see how they spend the money! A real certified audit. DMHOA doesn’t have a good track record.

Pat Weyl
Long Neck

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