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Beware of stray bullets near Lewes

By Cathy Tamm | May 25, 2013

I love Delaware - it was the best kept secret. But it's not a secret any more - there are much more people living here and the rules have got to go with the growth. If you own property and you have a rifle and/or a shotgun, it shouldn't mean you can go hunting around that property?

Let me explain- bullets don't care where they go - and if you're living in an area where people live close by, or just maybe walking your dog or sitting outside on your patio looking at the beautiful woods across from you a bullet can reach you? Or maybe not. But why take the chance? Let's all stay inside and don't walk your dog nearby? Is that the way Lewes Mayor Ford is thinking?

Look I don't want to stop all of Delaware thinking (back to when I was a young-un) but, as we say to our kids - grow up.

Cathy Tamm

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