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Bible has many historical connotations

By Ray Kiefner | May 31, 2013

I read with interest the Cape Gazette article of the proposed Bible class for Cape Henlopen School and would like to offer the following perspective.

I understand the concerns of separation of church and state, as the Bible does tell the birth of three religions - Islam, Judaism and Christianity. The Bible also tells of a flood that science has confirmed happened through the study of the layers of soil in that area. I have heard scientific theories that explain why water flowed from the rocks when struck by Moses, as well as how the sea could have parted to allow for crossing.

Artifacts and documents from ancient times correlate the names of kings and nation along with their religious beliefs. History has shown some narratives of wars in the Bible were accurate in naming who were the power nations of the times.

As Americans, we were all taught about Native Americans who taught by word of mouth. If they had a written book that included their spiritual/religious beliefs, would we allow a textbook to be created that teaches our children America's history, stories to be examined and the wisdom of their poetry or belief system?

In closing, I would like to leave these following thoughts. Risks versus benefits should always be carefully considered, but fear should not be the deciding factor. Abram/Abraham received the blessing by not withholding his son. Simeon and Levi committed sacrilege in revenge for their sister Dinah. Whether you are for or against a textbook created from the Bible, stay true to your heart in keeping what you feel is best for those affected by this decision.

Ray Kiefner

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