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Body Shop Fitness Center
Contact: Adam Howard
70 Rehoboth Ave
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971-2171
Phone: 302-226-0920

  • The BodyShop Fitness Center provides our clients, members, and guests with the most knowledgable fitness professionals around to get you the results you desire. Whether it is weight-loss, general fitness, or sport specific training, we have the most up to date knowledge and tools to get you RESULTS. With proper motivation, nutrition and the right program, specifically designed for results, you can reach any goal you set your mind to! The BodyShop professionals commitment, empowers each participant to increase their well-being.
  • We will help educate, motivate and support our clients with a positive attitude in a relaxed atmosphere throughout the entire program.
  • We will be organized in planning a valuable fitness/eating program, and will provide clear directions and realistic feedback.
  • We will help our clients plan and obtain measurable, realistic goals and optimize their chance for a successful experience.
  • We will support and inspire our clients in adopting a healthy-eating lifestyle by planning weekly meals to meet their nutritional needs.
  • We will be a devoted lifetime learner in the areas of fitness and nutrition.
  • We will inspire people to change their lives by becoming more physically active and educate them on nutritional food choices.

  • The Body Shop Fitness Center offers personal training services to accommodate any fitness level. Our clients range from retired NFL running backs, to seniors wanting to improve quality of life. Our personal trainers provide a progressive approach to health and fitness for all ages. Whether you need a post-rehab exercise program or a helping hand in the weight room, the Body Shop trainers can be of service! Please call today to schedule your health and fitness orientation.

  • The Body Shop offers massage therapy just steps away from the beach!
  • Benefits of massage therapy:
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Relax muscles
  • Increases circulation
  • Enhances lymph system
  • Relieves muscle aches and stiffness
  • Deep Tissue
  • Swedish
  • Sports
  • Myofascial Release
  • We offer a nationally certified therapist to complete your vacation relaxation. Please contact for availability

  • Nutrition counseling is an ongoing and often difficult process in which a health professional works with an individual to assess his or her dietary intake and identify areas where change is needed. At the Body Shop, we provide the information, educational materials, support, and follow-up to help the individual make and maintain the needed dietary changes. The goal of nutrition counseling is to help a person make and maintain healthy dietary changes. Please contact us to schedule your nutrition counseling session.
  • Briefs
    Bryan Bowles, CPT, joins Body Shop Fitness Team!

    Meet Bryan Bowles:Bryan has over 21 years of experience as a Personal Trainer in Washington, DC and has recently relocated to Rehoboth Beach with his family. Bryan has trained a wide range of clients including professional athletes in the NBA & NFL and White House security and staff. He is an ...
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    ADAM DAVID HOWARD B.S.CPT Adam David Howard B.S.CPT, co-owner of the Body Shop Fitness Center, began his career in the fitness industry as an exercise specialist at the University of Delaware. While attending the University of Delaware, Adam worked with many populations and developed several ...