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Boehner blocking fiscal cliff progress

By Scott Aijo | Dec 21, 2012

I would like to question why politics these days have been so nasty. It seems to me that the losing party should concede and get back to working for the people and compromise.

President Obama won the popular vote and the electoral vote. To me this constitutes a will of the majority. Why is that House weeper, oops, Speaker Boehner refuses to deal with the impending fiscal mess we shall incur. All he is doing is insuring his legacy will be the biggest obstructionist the country has ever known. President Obama should stick to his guns about the policy he has charted for our recovery.

I suspect that Speaker Boehner is worried he will not be re-elected speaker when the new Congress convenes in January.

I suggest that voters write/call/contact their representatives/senators and raise some cain about the matter. We have had four years of inactivity because of Boehner. It's time he stopped being so narcissistic and being a bully.

Scott Aijo

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Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Dec 23, 2012 09:44

There are powerful forces in this country and around the world that would like to keep the status-quo in many ways. Also, there are powerful forces that condone social engineering. Both extremes are not to be trusted by 'ordinary' citizens. In your suggestion of write/call/contact representatives/senators you are on the right track. Might I suggest that ordinary citizens vote those that adhere to  extreme positions out of office. American citizens need to take back their government from special interests, and punish those that do not work for the common good of all Americans. Key word American.

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