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Boog Powell, dried dirt, polished sink, wild clematis

By Dennis Forney | Sep 25, 2013
Photo by: Mike Coakley or Johnny Spry So here I am a couple of weeks ago with former Oriole power-slugger Boog Powell at his BBQ joint inside Camden Yards.  Boog greets lots of his customers, signing autographs, smiling, posing for pictures and dwarfing just about everyone who comes near.  When I shook his hand my hand disappeared.  "Hey Boog, give it back!" I don't think he even needed a glove at first base and if he did, Rawlings probably needed the entire leather from a big bull to make it. His head is twice the size of mine and you know I'm an animal.  You realized that when you watched me pedal across the the country several times this summer.  Or was it just once? That sun was kind of hot. At any rate, Boog's big and friendly and a fixture at Camden Yards.

Planet Earth — WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 25 - LATE AFTERNOON - September's almost over, the autumnal equinox just passed, and here are a few items I've been meaning to post before the month's out. Dang, I better hurry.

Most of what I have to say is under the photos.

And how about this September weather.  Pretty special huh?

This is my kitchen sink.  See how special it looks? My sister Gerry - the acupuncturist - says Gramma Doris always told her that if you have a stainless steel sink you should dry it after you're done doing dishes.  That's what makes it look so good.  This is kind of a still life: Dried Sink with Fresh Fruit and Vegetables. Gramma Doris lived in the Big Thompson Canyon in Colorado between Loveland and Estes Park.  I'm wondering how hard the canyon was hit by the recent rains.  After my grandfather Ross died, she moved from their mountainside place called Nugget Springs up to Estes Park near the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.  A mighty fine woman, she smiled a lot and had wrinkles all over her face to prove it.  Since she died, there has been a Dodge Dart named Gramma Doris and a fishing boat too.
When they opened the sediment bags in Henlopen Acres that gradually drained canal water from the dredge spoils, here's what was left.  Looks like pretty decent clay. I wonder whether Rehoboth Art League's many talented potters could use their alchemy on it to make wonderful vases, mugs and bowls?
This is wild clematis here along the coast.  It came and went fast this year.  Blooms in early September on the shrubs and trees its vines cover. Reminds me that school is about to begin again. Smells as sweet as honey and jerks your nose around when you walk past.  Then, like snow on a warm day, it leaves quickly.
Here's Coke, Kingfish and Johnny at the ball game.  Yanks beat the Birds that night.  They're boith done for the season now. But they made a good race of it. Coke and Johnny were at the Bluebird in Chestertown for my going away party.  Did I already tell you that? Kingy was back in Lewes so I don't blame him for not being there. Johnny has had front-row seats at Camden Yards since it opened.  Great package and I really like Johnny.  Coke bought Johnny's seats for this night so I really like him too since he invited me and Kingy. So who really made out? If you answered Johnny then you get the prize - one that my father used to promise: a bladeless knife without a handle.
And here's Clancy, the beer man for Johnny's section.  He gets into it.
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