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Boucher shouldn't rely on second-hand news

By Frank Ali | Mar 07, 2013

I really do not enjoy being judgmental, but how can Dorothy Boucher make outrageous and totally incorrect comments about a meeting that she did not attend ? I attended the Ruth Briggs King Meet and Greet Feb. 20. Yes, there were only a handful of truly dedicated and concerned citizens in attendance, but we all came away with the feeling that Ruth Briggs King was concerned and cared about her constituents.

There were official representatives and board members of three communities, and just plain concerned folks all sitting around a table enjoying our freedom of speech that is so precious. There was also a radio reporter from a local station who recorded the entire event. The dialogue was just that, a true dialogue of people listening, talking and respecting each other’s views and needs. It was a very positive enriching experience for all who actually attended.

I wish that Ms. Boucher would ask for the transcript from the radio station and listen to what really was said. By voicing and writing an opinion on this meeting based on hearsay from another attendee is irresponsible and ridiculous at best. We all remember the old telephone message game that we played in grammar school where the end message was not even close to what was said originally.

Yes, Dorothy Boucher, the venom that you ending up spewing was not even close to what really happened. Your ending statement of “Do you really think we don’t know what is going on?” holds truth to your interpretation and misunderstanding of what really was going on that morning. Simply stated in your words, you do not know or understand what is going on. Next time, get up early and listen and learn. Leave the bile and bitterness at home and just enjoy the dialogue and the coffee.

Frank Ali
Long Neck

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Posted by: dorothy(dixie) Boucher | Mar 08, 2013 10:22

I stated in my letter that I did not attend the meeting, but the statements Rep. King made according to my source who was there, are the same old statements she has made previousely. She is entitled to her opinion, as I am to mine. I have heard her plans for rental assistance before. I am not in favor of it, and I am not in favor of touching the money in the RTA fund for any reason at all, but what it was intended for. Rep. King is a politician, and she plays the game well. You may choose to believe her, many of you do, but I do not. My comment about what was going on did not refer to the meeting, it is in regards to her support of the community owners because she gives them too much credence regarding the issues. I believe that is due to her relationship with the Real Estate industry, overall. She is, I am sure, a proponent of "Property Rights" and considers land ownership more important than home ownership, in my opinion, which is based on me personally hearing her speak on at least two occassions. And, until the Liberals in this country take it away, we still have "freedom of Speech", for her and for myself. Dorothy Boucher

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