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Briggs King meeting misrepresented

By Grady Putnam | Mar 08, 2013

Ms. Dorothy Boucher has a very vivid imagination. In her recent letter she describes the statements of Rep. Ruth Briggs King at the meeting Feb. 20 while admitting that she was not in attendance. I was in attendance and most of the issues she raises were not discussed.

When issues were discussed, there was a meaningful discussion on the merits of the different views, such as on the issue of using the relocation fees to ease the land-lease burden on truly needy residents. This may reduce the need for some residents to relocate, thus saving the RTA funds.

There are many reasons not to vote for the rent justification bill and I am sure Rep. King would have been loudly criticized if she had voted because of her recognized conflict of interest. If you have ever lived in or around a rent-controlled community, I am sure you recognize the consequences on less maintenance and improvements. This issue was not discussed at the meeting.

What was discussed was the fact that it is unlikely that the rent justification bill will come up for a vote in this session of the Legislature because the Democratic caucus does not believe they have the votes to pass the legislation. Maybe Ms. Boucher and other advocates for this legislation should direct their efforts to the Democratic majority.

Several attendees had specific issues that they brought up to Rep. King and she gave her recommendations to them and, where appropriate, agreed to look into the issue further. Other than the tendency of some in attendance to just want to beat up on the land owners I felt it was a productive meeting.

One other thing, the entire meeting was recorded by WGMD and a reporter was in attendance the whole time.

Grady Putnam
Long Neck

Comments (2)
Posted by: dorothy(dixie) Boucher | Mar 08, 2013 10:06

Mr. Putnam needs to reread my letter.  II made it very clear that I did not attend the meeting in the first sentenc.  I also made it clear that I did not have to be there to know her positions on issues affecting manufactured housing, because I have heard it all before from her at other meetings and other forums and othe newspaper articles where she was quoted and on the radio stations, also.  My entire point with the letter was to briefly discuss some other issues I disagree with her on and focuse on the biggest disagreement I have with her, touching the RTA money that has a specific purpose, which is NOT to subsidize rents for other homeowners.  Tell me Mr. Putnam, do you know anything about the RTA, it's purpose or intent and what money, we the homeowners pay into it and why?  Or are you a friend of Rep. King, who just wants to defend his friend?  Rep. King admitted in her response to me that she wants to work out a plan to use RTA funds to create a subsidy program.  That is her plan, she admitted to it, and that is the entire point of my letter.  She is wrong and I will continue to point that out everytime I read an article or hear about a meeting where she speaks at, whether or not I am there.  And I don't lie. That meeting just opened the door for a response, on her general positions I disagree with.  It is called "Freedom of Speech", and She has it and so do I.  One more thing I did not discuss "Rent Justification", but if you want to know her true position on it, she is against it.  And for the record, we are in touch with our legislators and of course we already know how she feels about it.  As far as her perceived " conflict of interest" when she abstained, I am pretty sure it pertains to immediate family members, and I don't think "uncles" count.  Once again, my opinion .  D. Boucher

Posted by: Pat Weyl | Mar 10, 2013 10:05

I don't think Dixie Boucher realizes the harm she is doing to the residents in manufactured housing.  Her rants are embarrassing and reflect poorly on the manufactured housing community.  There are 3 people (Dixie Boucher, Fred Neil, and Ed Speraw) from DMHOA who communicate and when they do, the info is always untrue.  Let me share what I have found out at Leg Hall over the past few years and how manufactured housing is perceived.  A few years ago a long standing Senator described the group to me as the sea gulls in the movie “Finding Memo”.  They stand around and all they ever say is “Mine, Mine, Mine”.  After the rent control hearing last year in the House at Leg hall, a Representative told me afterward when I met with him that it was an embarrassment and he would never support manufactured housing again.  He has nicknamed Mr. Speraw, ‘Reverend Ed” and he stated Rev.  Ed and his cult shouted at the Speaker of the House and acted unprofessional.  All actions he stated are the training from “Ed and Fred”.   Really?  Is that how educated and professional people act?  Do you think by those actions your credibility was increased?  Sorry I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid.  When someone asked my friend what was going on in that room, a Representative replied “Oh that’s the trailer people”.    Nice…trailer people.  The DMHOA Board has earned the residents of manufactured housing the name “trailer people”.

I want to raise the bar for the residents in manufactured housing.  I don’t want these 3 people or the DMHOA Board representing manufactured housing.  As a nonprofit, I think if they hide the books, red flags needs to be raised.  How can they collect $10,000 State of Delaware Grant In Aid money and not think they have to explain how it’s been spent?   How did it every happen that DMHOA members and community members paid for the President’s cable bill for 10 years?  Why did he get so defensive when I asked why he needs 4 cells phones for his personal use when again members and community members, and taxpayers for that matter, were paying the bill?  This is just a tip of the iceberg.  The others I intend to review with articles or supplying info to the group that is doing the Facebook page – “DMHOA Facebook, and The Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association Facebook page.  The truth will be revealed.  For Cape Gazette readers readers go to these Facebook pages to get the “truth about DMHOA” . 

The people I know and have met in manufactured housing are well educated, kind, and well informed.  They are passionate but not angry and bitter. DMHOA Board members reflect anger and bitterness.  That’s why landowners throughout the State will not meet with them.  If it means another nonprofit needs to be formed, then so be it.  I have avoided that because I can speak openly now.  But if it avoids the current DMHOA Board from what I think is “stealing State of Delaware Grant money from taxpayers” because they don’t think they have to explain how they spent the money, then it is what it is.  People know when someone like Dixie is lying and they call her on it.  It is my mission to reveal the truth.   DMHOA’s not even supposed to be politically involved!  Every chance I get I will publically ask to see the books and records.  I will reveal every lie they spew.  Sussex County has suffered the ramifications of Dixie calling officials names and spewing her negative rants.  Many of us have showed up at meetings in Sussex County to make sure officials know Dixie and DMHOA does not represent manufactured housing.  The State of Delaware resident’s deserve better and I intend to make sure this happens.   DMHOA spews lies on top of lies and frankly I am sick and tired of it.  Don’t they realize there is this thing called the Internet, it’s really great!  You can check on their lies, the truth is very easy to find.

Dixie it’s time to pack up your toys and go home, no one wants to hear your public opinions.  You are embarrassing yourself.

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