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Briggs King shouldn't bash Sussex Tech

By Debbie O'Donnell | Mar 20, 2014

Congratulations Rep. Ruth Briggs King. If the majority of your constituents are anti-Sussex Tech, you have just been re-elected. On the other hand, your stated position does nothing to advance the 1,400-plus present Sussex Tech students, and myriad alumni, who are part of your constituency, oftentimes live and work in Sussex County, and who are achieving, or have achieved, great things through the years.

The bashing of school districts or any state agency, by an elected official is unacceptable and could be construed as unethical. You might expect this behavior from a so called "competitor school" where there may be jealousy often caused by misinformation. But an elected official, representing a government who prides itself on cooperation and peace; that is unbelievable.

Here is a novel idea: let's be supportive and positive to all who educate our youth. Congratulations Tech for providing 16 career-technical areas and teaming with Widener University; congratulations Seaford for instituting an amazing international baccalaureate curriculum. Congratulations Cape; your new high school and football stadium are amazing. Congratulations Indian River School District for your great animal science curriculum! Thank you to all educators who put learning before politics.

Debbie O'Donnell
Rehoboth Beach


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