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Bring binoculars to watch middle school practice

Beacon and Mariner have total of 10 teams
By Dave Frederick | Mar 07, 2013
Photo by: Dave Frederick Lee Davis is focused on the next pitch from coach Pat Irelan, and he lines it back to center field.

Middle school parents in the Cape school district are not allowed on the sidelines of sports practices, especially during tryouts, for obvious reasons not spoken out loud. But go to the nearby parking lots and you may see a dad or two kicking back in the cab of a pickup truck with a big old pair of binoculars.

A total of 10 teams hits the field every day immediately after school in the sports of girls' soccer, boys' and girls' track and field, baseball and softball.

Coaches include Jules Jackson of Mariner and Tim Bamforth and Gilbert Maull of Beacon for track and field. Terry Suess is the head coach of Mariner girls' soccer with Sharon Fisher as her assistant. Justin Vorhees and Bill Bennett coach the Beacon soccer girls.

Pat Irelan and Chris Burkhart head up the Beacon baseball team, while Doug “Bryan” Sentman and Corbin Bean coach Mariner.

Christie Smith and Lisa Williams are the coaches of Beacon softball while Tamara Thompson and Mike Luciano coach the Mariner team.

Real competition begins Friday, March 22. All Beacon and Mariner home track meets are on the Cape Henlopen High School track. Home games for baseball, softball and soccer are at the middle school fields.

The schedule and changes due to weather can be tracked at or


Pat Irelan, Beacon coach, takes the mound for batting drill. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Logan Dominick of Mariner fields a grounder at short and fires to first. (Photo by: dave Frderick )
Nicole Akins dribbles a soccer ball during a practice drill. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Three-sport Mariner athlete Richard Carey leads the baseball team on an endurance run. (Photo by: dave Frederick )
Katie Bailey Rauch makes a throw to first during Mariner softball practice. Katie's great-grandfather is Jesse Millman, who is in the Eastern Shore Baseball Hall of Fame. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Chris Handlin does agility drills during Beacon track practice (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Noah Piper, a star on Mariner's undefeated boys' basketball team who had an in-game dunk, goes down low to pick up a ground ball. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Douglas "Bryan" Sentman, left, is the head coach of the Mariner baseball team. He is pictured with assistant Corbin Bean. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Mariner's Kazuki Carroll stretches out during track practice. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Mariner coach Jules Jackson takes charge. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Beacon pitching prospect Shannon Lord has the right attitude on the mound. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Nelson Smith is happy track practice has begun. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Shannon Boslet Porter takes part in Beacon soccer practice. (Photo by: Dave Frederick)
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