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Cape Carousel: Through the lens

By Ron MacArthur | Apr 16, 2013
Photo by: Julie Heffernan

I've taught many adult photography classes, but I had never attempted a children's class. That was until I became involved with the Cape Carousel Program, the long-standing – and free – after-school enrichment program offered by the Cape Henlopen School District to students in fourth through eighth grades.

After learning a few of the photography basics, the class was let loose with one goal in mind: look at everyday objects and scenes using a different perspective.

What they came up with was amazing, considering most were using very basic point-and-shoot cameras.

It took me awhile to catch up with the class when they started using iPads to download and edit their photos. Their grasp of technology was impressive.

Their work exceeded all of my expectations and demonstrated just how creative young people can be.

This past year, Cape Carousel – in its 15th year – offered 40 different classes to 450 students in three, seven-week sessions covering the arts, technology and physical education to culinary arts, science, language arts and world cultures. Classes are limited to 12 students.

This school year, Cape Henlopen High School Honor Society students volunteered in courses related to their academic pathway.

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(Photo by: Audrey Lambert)
(Photo by: Carmela Baray)
(Photo by: Cayla Laws)
(Photo by: Chris Boyd)
(Photo by: Lindsay Rambo)
(Photo by: Luke Miller)
(Photo by: Marcus Robinson)
(Photo by: Marissa Hawtof)
(Photo by: Quinn Dubre)
(Photo by: Mason Merwitz)
(Photo by: Audrey Lambert)
(Photo by: Carmela Laws)
(Photo by: Chris Boyd)
(Photo by: Julie Heffernan)
(Photo by: Lindsay Rambo)
(Photo by: Marissa Hawtof)
(Photo by: Quinn Dubre)
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Posted by: Amanda Neafie | Apr 16, 2013 13:02

Ron,These are spectacular!

You must very proud of your protoges!


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