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Cape cheerleaders attend NCA camp

Jul 30, 2013
Photo by: Dan Cook The Cape Henlopen football cheerleaders who attended the NCA camp are in back ( l-r) coach Molly Lingo, Kayla Maull, Mari Horsey, Alyssa Dempsey, Aleeya Wynder, Jordyn Miller and Elizabeth Sparks; middle row, Annee Duckworth, Jessica Melson, Shanna Farlow, Molly Smith, Bryn Thompkins, Sara Lingo and Paige Fleegle. In front are  NCA coach Morgan Buehler, Meghan Bennett, Mozella Matthews, Cheyenne Clarke, Ally Gorecki and NCA coach Lindsay "Ray Ray" Dowrick.

The Cape Henlopen varsity football cheerleaders attended a private camp sponsored by the National Cheerleaders Association July 23-25. During the camp, the team worked on cheers, chants, dances, jumps and many stunts. Girls were flying high as they learned new stunts this year in the core stunt class, basket toss class and pyramid workshop.

The team was proud to announce that 14 girls were nominated for the NCA All- American team. Tryouts for the All-American team will be held later, and the girls who make the team will have the opportunity to cheer in special events such as the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The team received the prestigious Herkie T.E.A.M. Award for outstanding spirit, unity and leadership throughout the camp. The team also received a bid to compete at the NCA National High School Cheerleading Championship. During evaluations, the team received one excellent ribbon and three superior ribbons for the cheers and chants.

"I'm very proud of the girls' accomplishments and their growth during camp," said coach Molly Lingo. "Check out the girls every Friday night as they cheer on Cape Henlopen varsity football team."

NCA coach Morgan Buehler demonstrates a throw technique to the Cape cheerleaders during the camp held at the Cape Henlopen gymnasium. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Paige Fleegle is tossed and caught during a stunt. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Liz Sparks will bring veteran leadership to the 2013 squad. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
NCA coach Lindsay "Ray Ray" Dowrick leads the Cape squad during a cheer. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
NCA coach Morgan Buehler leads a cheer during the camp. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Kayla Maull strikes a pose at the end of a cheer. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Paige Fleegle is spotted by her teammates while learning a toss. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Sophomore Jessica Melson has the spirit. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Annee Duckworth shows her spirit during the camp. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
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