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Cape Henlopen schools hold Science Fair

Apr 26, 2013
Photo by: Steven Billups

Fifth-graders across the Cape Henlopen School District gathered recently to share their science experiments. The Annual Fifth Grade Science Fair featured 357 students who presented projects in the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center.

The categories were Earth and Space Science, Life Science Focus on Humans, Life Science Focus on Pets, Life Science Focus on Plants, Physical Science, Physical Science Focus on Sports and Consumer Product Science.

Shown with his trophy, the Sir Isaac Newton Award, in Earth and Space Science is Aaron Morey from H.O. Brittingham. His project was a catapult for playing ball with his dog. He discovered that balls of different sizes traveled different distances.

Complete list of Science Fair Results:

Earth & Space Science

1st Place –  Solar Panel Efficiency

Aidan McAnelly – Rehoboth Elem.

2nd Place - Paper Airplanes

Colby Dominick – HOB


Sir Isaac Newton Award: The Amazing Play Fetch Catapult

Aaron Morey, HOB


Life Science – Focus on Humans

1st Place – Zit City

Abby Taylor - Shields

2nd Place – Is Your Brain in Mint Condition?

Sophie Czerwenski -  Rehoboth Elem.

3rd Place –    Before Breakfast is Not Fast

Wyatt Fruehauf - Shields

Honorable Mention –

Treat vs. Prize – Aimee Rivera-Lara, Rehoboth Elem.

Color Preferences– Owen Hilton, Rehoboth Elem.


Clara Barton Award: Saving Lives One Breath at a Time

Jade Jones, Shields


Life Science – Focus on Pets/Other Animals

1st Place – Which Bait Catches the Most Fish

Michael Cerchio - Rehoboth Elem.

2nd Place – The Voice

Talbot Buck - Shields

3rd Place –    The Worm & the Light

Frank Riley-Spillane – Rehoboth Elem.

Honorable Mention –

Squirt & the Maze – Costa Roros, Rehoboth Elem.

Animal Behavior Training – Sadie Brittingham, Milton Elem.


Life Science – Focus on Plants

1st Place – Not So Zippy Zineas

Blair Felker - Shields

2nd Place – Fresh Flowers

Michael Podrasky - Shields

3rd Place –    Colored Light

Anna Morris – Milton Elem.

Honorable Mention –

How Do Different Liquids Affect Plant Growth – Abeygail Evans, HOB

Fruity Juice – Kayla Wilson, HOB

Marigold Madness – Jayden Lesko, Shields

George Washington Carver Award:

Plant Growth - Tyeia Cannon, HOB


Physical Science

1st Place – Tap on Good Wood

Marlee Geppert – Rehoboth  Elem.

2nd Place – I’m Melting

Emily Barrish  – Milton Elem.

3rd Place – Milk Fat

Jake Ferrell – Shields

Honorable Mention -

Kernel Kountdown – Lee Lee Wilson, Shields

The Salt Chronicles – Jagger Euler, Rehoboth Elem.


Madame Curie Award: Rock Candy Crystals & Growth – Ryan Butler, HOB


Physical Science – Focus on Sports

1st Place – Rolling Into Science

Lindsay Guida – Shields

2nd Place – Travel with Wood, Plastic, Rubber Wheels

Chad Melson  – Rehoboth Elem.

3rd Place – Inner vs. Outer

Gianna Vayda – Rehoboth Elem.

Honorable Mention -

How Far Can Your Bat Hit? – Hunter Tyndall – Milton Elem.

Fun With Baseball – Cole Gehman, Rehoboth Elem.

How Does Temperature Affect the Lap Time of a Go-Cart – Hunter Heck, Milton Elem.


Albert Einstein Award – Magnets & Piping – Sydeny Green, HOB

Consumer Product Science

1st Place - Pointetastic

Alyssa Whaley – Rehoboth Elem.

2nd Place- Childproof Caps

Jack Dawson-  Milton Elem.

3rd Place – Mechanical Pencil Eraser War

Chyenne Cole- HOB

Honorable Mention –

AA Battery Test – Colby Skelly, Milton Elem.

No More Prints – Rachel Pappa, Rehoboth Elem.



Taking home the first-place trophy in Earth and Space Sciences was Aiden McAnelly from Rehoboth Elementary. His project was Solar Panel Efficiency. His research question was, “Does the angle of the panel affect efficiency?” His hypothesis of 90 degrees was partly correct. The best angle was 50 degrees from Earth but 90 degrees from the light source. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
Jack Dawson from Milton Elementary did his project on child-proof pill containers. He won second place in the Consumer Product Science category. He learned that the best child-proof container is the line-up-the-arrow-type container. Only two of his testers could open it, and they were the oldest. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
Mackenzie Lewis from Milton holds a tadpole from the touch tank brought to the science fair by Envirotech’s Todd Fritchman. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
Taking home first place in the Consumer Science category was Rehoboth Elementary’s Alyssa Whaley with her project Pointetastic. She wanted to know which toe pads best prevent a dancer’s toes from hurting in pointe shoes. She found out the gel tip was more comfortable than the wool and gel combination. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
Linda Guida from Shields Elementary took home first place in the Physical Science Focus on Sports category. Her project was Rolling into Science. She wanted to find the ball that rolls fastest. Her hypothesis was that the golf ball rolled the fastest down a ramp. She was correct. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
Marlee Geppert from Rehoboth Elementary placed first in the Physical Science Category. She wanted to know how the density of woods affects the sounds of tap shoes. She hypothesized that red oak would make the best tap floor because of its density. She was correct but also discovered that poplar wood also worked well because as poplar ages, it gets denser. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
Grace Keyser of Rehoboth Elementary School interacts with the freshwater touch tanks from Envirotech. (Source: Submitted)
Under the watchful eye of Peyton Holtzclaw, Rachel Pappa discovers how many drops of water fit on a penny. (Source: Submitted)
Gail Drummond demonstrates Elephant Toothpaste to Rehoboth Elementary student Samara Weathersby. (Source: Submitted)
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