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Cape hockey seals the deal, wins second straight state championship

Vikings beat Delmar Wildcats 2-1
By Dave Frederick | Nov 18, 2012
Photo by: Dan Cook The Cape Henlopen field hockey team poses with the DIAA State Championship trophy after defeating Delmar for the second straight year to take top honors in Delaware high school hockey. Shown are in back (l-r) Tina Gooding, Tess Bernheimer, Claire Carnevale, Alexa Woodruff, Mariko Daisey, Jordan Brown, Alexis Gooch, Marlee McGinness, Samantha Broadhurst, Camryn Bernheimer and manager Charlie Burton; in middle, Katie Kolobielski, Tiara Duffy, Maggie Delp, Amanda Smith, Allie Yeager, Kat Judge, Karissa LeMaire, Sydney Smyk, Amanda Atkinson and Lindsey Voss. In front are Alex Coverdale, Anna Frederick, Sara Young, Izzie Delario and Emily Baptiste.

“Win today! Walk Together Forever.” Written on Flyers coach Fred Shero’s blackboard, Stanley Cup Final 1974

Crushing disappointment is always one certainty when two teams step between the lines with a state championship up for grabs. “Rolling with your high school homies” in front of family, friends and hometown, it just never gets any better.

Cape had a total of 25 state championships rings from lacrosse and field hockey represented in the Nov. 17 game between two 17-1 teams. The Vikings women have not lost in a state championship game in a generation.

The 2012 Cape hockey team hit the turf running and beat Delmar 2-1 for back-to-back state titles, but only the school's fourth over 43 years of playing the sport. Cape’s regular combined record over the last six years is 87-1-2.

Cape dominated time of possession, field position, corners and shots on goal, but as the clock wound down to under 7 minutes, the contest was tied at 1 and the pressure-packed 7-on-7 golden goal scenario was staring everyone in their collective mugs.

“I knew we would score and avoid overtime," first-year head coach Kate Windett said after the game. “It seemed like we sent 50 shots in on goal.”

Somewhere inside the circle of the agitated wash cycle, Anna Frederick sent in a shot that was kicked away by goalie Tressie Windsor and there was Sara Young. “I just hit it as hard as I could; it got up and over her stick to the goalie's left,“ she said.

The winning goal was just Young’s second of the season; her first came in the second half in the semifinals against Caravel, tying the game at 1. A later goal by freshman Tess Bernheimer gave Cape the win.

Tiara Duffy broke the scoreless tie at 24:59 into the Delmar game on a Cape corner, sending home a pass from Allie Yeager.

Early in the second half Delmar’s “Big Banger” and leading scorer Sara “Booter” Ellis cranked a slap shot from the top of the circle that hit a stick, went over goalie Katie Kolobielski’s head and was ticketed for the cage until it was swatted out of the air by Tiara Duffy, who always has the goalie’s back. The referee called a penalty stroke.

Ellis hit it just wide of the cage, but a photo reveals Kolobielski was locked on for a potential stick save.

Amy Wilson flipped a ball over Tiara Duffy’s stick and cracked home a shot from just inside the circle to the goalie's left at 40:40, tying the game.

Cape was unfazed went back into attack mode and sealed the deal on the goal by Young.

Corner kicking:  All four Cape state championship coaches were at the game including Carolyn Ivins 1979, Ruth Skoglund 1995, Nicole Hughes 2011 and Kate Windett 2012. Izzie Delario has been on four straight state championship teams, the first two at Sussex Tech. Seniors Anna Frederick and Sara Young, best friends since Beacon Middle School, have been on three lacrosse and two field hockey state championship teams. Juniors Allie Yeager and Kat Judge, always mentioned together, have shared four state championships, two each in lacrosse and field hockey. Maggie Delp, a junior, has two state titles as lacrosse goalie and two in field hockey as a midfielder. The 2012 Cape team only returned starters Tiara Duffy, Sara Young and Kat Judge. A special tear and smile for Karissa LeMaire, who lost her dad, Kevin, last summer, then earned a starting defensive spot on Cape’s state championship team. “Our bench made such a difference - how all these girls hung together as a team all year,” Windett said.


Cape senior Izzie Delario brings the ball into the Vikings' scoring circle past Wildcats defender Tessa Jarvis. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape junior Allie Yeager muscles past Delmar's Amanda Elliott. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape junior Kat Judge moves the ball up the sideline against Delmar's Ashley Arter. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape junior midfielder Maggie Delp drives the ball toward the Delmar goal. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape senior Anna Frederick drives past Delmar's Tessa Jarvis into the Vikings' scoring zone. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape junior defender Karissa LeMaire blocks up a high Wildcats pass. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape senior Anna Frederick winds up to shoot into the scoring circle. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape senior Izzie Delario goes for a loose ball. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape junior Kat Judge drives a pass upfield. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Izzie Delario makes a pass to Anna Frederick. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape's Tiara Duffy gets control of a ball in the offensive zone. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape's Camryn Bernheimer controls play in the midfield. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Kat Judge delivers a centering pass. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape senior Sara Young takes a shot. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Maggie Delp battles in front of the Delmar cage. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Sara Young controls play in the scoring circle. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Izzie Delario takes a shot. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape's Tiara Duffy admires her handiwork as she scores the first Vikings goal. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape junior goal keeper Katie Kolobielski makes a save. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Maggie Delp splits two Delmar defenders. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape junior goalkeeper Katie Kolobielski came up big for the Vikings. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Junior Allie Yeager awaits a free hit. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Maggie Delp controls play in the midfield. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Senior Izzie Delario controls the ball with a reverse stick. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape's Camryn Bernheimer gets the better of a Delmar defender. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape's Anna Frederick meets face to face with Delmar goalkeeper Tressa Windsor. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
The Cape team greets goalkeeper Katie Kolobielski after the final whistle. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Pile on ! (Photo by: Dan Cook)
A happy state championship team piles on. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape goalkeeper Katie Kolobielski is under there somewhere. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape's Anna Frederick celebrates Sara Young's game-winning goal. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
The Vikings bench cheers a play by senior Alex Coverdale. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape junior Karissa LeMaire takes the ball away from Delmar's Paige Twilley-Webster. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape sophomore Amanda Atkinson prepares to block up a Delmar clearing hit. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape senior Sara Young is lifted by her teammates as she shows off the DIAA championship trophy. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape seniors (l-r) Anna Frederick, Izzie Delario, Sara Young, Alex Coverdale and Emily Baptiste hold the DIAA State Championship trophy. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Junior Karissa LeMaire gets a hug from teammate Alexa Woodruff. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Anna Frederick and Sara Young celebrate the DIAA championship. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
The Cape team hoists the DIAA trophy. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
A happy Cape head coach Kate Windett gets up after being piled on by the Vikings squad. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
A happy Cape captain, Alex Coverdale gets in on the hugs. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Sam Broadhurst lends a hand to Tiara Duffy during the celebration. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape senior Sara Young celebrates the victory. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
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