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Cape Region Comcast center needs facelift

By Bill Staiger | Feb 14, 2014

During the recent power outages in the greater Philadelphia area, I was routinely watching NBC-10 news coverage. During the outage, there was a lot of attention given to the charging stations that were available at the Comcast service centers. People were encouraged to bring their electronic devices into the service center to enable them to obtain power.

They showed the actual service center in Aston, Delaware County. Wow, what a palatial office location. It looked state-of-the-art and really attractive to the public. I could not help but think of the rundown facility the people in the Lewes and Rehoboth Beach areas are subjected to when they go to the Comcast facility near the post office in Nassau. There is nothing attractive to see when you enter this facility. It is in horrible shape and they have plastic windows to shield the employees from the public. It is comparable to a welfare office in the great city of New York and other locations. I feel that we deserve better.

It baffles me why a major corporation such as Comcast subjects users to this grossly unfriendly treatment when one comes to transact business there. I feel that we deserve better than what is currently being offered. There are far more attractive facilities to use locally than this outdated and stale facility.

Bill Staiger
Rehoboth Beach

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Posted by: Tim McCollum | Feb 14, 2014 12:50

I believe the plastic shields are gone Mr. Staiger. 

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