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Clearing the air about Chesapeake St. in Dewey

By Steve Hayes, David Jasinski, Don Baum, John Glowacky, Linda Wymbs & David Stevens | Oct 25, 2013

Email blasts by Citizens to Preserve Dewey and a letter written by Gary Keith in response to a recent article in the Cape Gazette weave a story that the town of Dewey is somehow harassing Marcia Schieck and Rich Hanewinkel, the owners of a property who built a swimming pool defying Dewey Beach building regulations. This is simply untrue.

The town is pursuing this matter because residents like us asked them to look into this. The issue with the pool is simple. Marcia and Rich received a permit to build a pool and fence in their rental property’s front yard based on an application very clearly showing that they would abide by the required setbacks for this.

The pool and fence were built differently. Had they applied for a permit the way the pool and fence were constructed, no permit would have been issued because it violates the zoning code.

As neighbors we complained to the town that they should be required to comply with the permits issued and the zoning code. The matter as to whether the property complies with the zoning code was never ruled on by the board of adjustment which is why the town is investigating this now.

We agree with Citizens to Preserve Dewey - that everyone must comply by the same rules regardless of their influence, past political office to Dewey Beach, or because of who they know as neighbors. The town should not be swayed by email blasts or letters to our newspapers.

Following the zoning code is not a popularity contest. It applies to all citizens and businesses and everyone should be required to adhere to it.

Steve Hayes
David Jasinski
Don Baum
John Glowacky
Linda Wymbs
David Stevens
Dewey Beach

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