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COASTAL BUZZ: Catching up on what's happening

By Dennis Forney | Aug 29, 2013
Photo by: Dennis Forney This new sign for the Midway Shopping Center went up last week.  Art Deco.  Cool.  Sabrina Hill said her mom and dad, Richard and Norma Lee Derrickson, like the art deco look.  Kind of goes with the movie business that Richard has been involved in all his life.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 29 - After three months of being away, a lot to notice locally.  Big pieces: Building is going crazy and Realtors are scrambling for inventory. Many business people have told me they're having a good summer businesswise.

But first, congratulations to Mayor Jim Ford and Mayoress Teresa on the birth of their first grandchild.  Their daughter, Maren, delivered Silas James William Lankford on Sunday, Aug. 25.  Maren is married to Ryan Lankford and they live in Michigan. The mayor said mom and her son are doing well.

Back to the summer's business:

King's Ice Cream is feeling the positive flow of lots of people, Heidi Lowe says sales are good at her jewelry studio, Rick Bell at Harvard Business Services told me July was the biggest month he's had in all of his years in the incorporation business and he expects the same for the year. Matt Carter says kayak and stand-up paddle board business is strong and Max at Silverworks says the same. An inordinate amount of rain this summer has dampened sales for some of the Boardwalk businesses in Rehoboth.  They get a lot of business off the beach and when people aren't on the beach they feel it.

I need to check with the folks at Funland and Nicola to get a sense of the summer from their viewpoints.  I've found them to be good bellwethers over the years.

Here are a few photographs that capture some other new stuff I've noticed.

Final note: remember that attitude and posture have to be cultivated your entire life.  Dale Carnegie, in his classic How To Win Friends and Influence People, wrote in an early chapter: Don't Criticize and Don't Complain.

Onward and upward.

A cold front rolled across Lewes last week with big thunder boomers bowling down Delaware Bay and then off the coast.  Here's the front as it passed over Lewes's signature saltwater marsh and the municipal wastewater treatment plant.
This is the stormwater treatment system going in at the new CVS at the Villages of Five Points.  The job supervisor told me the water coming off the building and parking lot will be filtered three times before making its way into the nearby lake.
This may be the first Lego house ever built in Lewes.  Look at the styrofoam forms that fit together and then get filled with concrete.  The next picture shows a close-up of one of the components.  Talk about a solid structure! My understanding is that this home belongs to Turner and Gina Hastings who own and manage the Savannah Inn Bed and Breakfast. It is located at the end of Jefferson Avenue in Jefferson Court.
I interviewed Beebe Medical Center President Jeff Fried this week about impacts of the Affordable Health Care Act on Beebe operations.  Some very interesting initiatives.  See Friday's Gazette for the interview in my Barefootin' column.  I came across this aerial photo outside Fried's office which shows the Route 24 Beebe health campus. I was very interested in the photo because it shows the big piece of open space northeast of the health campus that is going through a change of zoning process from agriculture/residential to commercial.  That's a big parcel for commercial and we're working on finding out what the applicants have in mind for it. They should be required to reveal to the public what is planned for the site before being granted a rezoning worth millions of dollars.  At this point all we're being told is it will be a commercial/retail center.  There's been buzz for many months about a big new WalMart being considered for the area. Maybe this is it.  Stay tuned. Also, congratulations to Beebe for its recognition in Consumer Reports' September edition for being the safest hospital in Delaware for surgery. That's a big deal and it shows the medical center's ongoing commitment to being the progressive and high-quality medical institution that Drs. James and Richard Beebe envisioned nearly 100 years ago. I've always found Consumer Reports to be a credible source.
I came across this pair of safety trees in the front yard of a Rehoboth Beach home at the corner of State and Grove streets.  Another effort - at the private and personal level - to tune people into the need to constantly think about safety, especially on our streets and highways.  Driving vehicles weighing thousands of pounds anywhere from 40 to 70 miles an hours is the most dangerous thing we do each day.
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