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Coastal Martial Arts promotes students to black belts

Oct 29, 2013
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Coastal Martial Arts promoted six new black belts and three new second-degree black belts Oct. 19 aboard the Cape Water Taxi in Lewes. One of the new black belts, Capt. David Green, owns and operates the water taxi for the Delaware beach communities.

Conducting the promotions on the water taxi made for a unique and special ceremony. The group was honored to have Kwan Jang Nim Grandmaster Frederick Scott of Pennsylvania, an eighth-degree black belt and founder of Traditional Tang Soo Do International, aboard to confer the promotions.

Coastal Martial Arts holds several classes weekly at Flex World Fitness on Route 113 in Georgetown. For the new black belts, it is a culmination of years of physical and mental training, yet it is also a new beginning. The new black belts trained consistently through many colors of belts, starting with white/10th gup through first gup, then took two pre-tests, and then their black belt test for first dan. The Korean gup rating is the number the school assigns to its belt colors.

The new second-degree black belts had additional time in training, and more advanced techniques and skills to learn before their test. The school's training consists of open hand and weapons forms, breaking skills, basic hand and kick techniques, self-defense moves, and sparring. Attitudes such as respect, endurance, balance, focus, humility and courage are also acquired through training in the martial arts. Black belt is a journey of personal excellence.

Shown in back are (l-r) new second degree Nancy Evans, black belt Zachary Varrato, new second degree Alec Beck, senior instructor Eric Evans, Kwan Jang Nim Grandmaster Frederick Scott, new black belt Neil Dignon, black belt Ann Truitt and new black belt Dave Green. In front are new black belt Angel Velasquez, black belt Cody Truitt, new second degree Jessica Moore, black belt Garrett Hale, new black belt Alexander Dignon, new black belt Leah Green, black belt Connie Yeary, black belt Joanne Yeary, senior instructor Karen Jacobi and new black belt Michelle Green.

Eleven-year-old Alexander Dignon of Lewes being promoted to Black Belt by Kwan Jang Nim Frederick Scott with Kyo Sa's Jessica Moore, Karen Jacobi and Nancy Evans looking on. (Source: Submitted)
Kyo Sa and Coastal Martial Arts co-owner Nancy Evans is promoted to second-degree Black Belt with new second-degree Black Belts Alec Beck and Jessica Moore. Kyo Sa Nim and Coastal Martial Arts co-owner Karen Jacobi and Kwan Jang Nim Frederick Scott look on. (Source: Submitted)
Coastal Martial Arts co-owners Eric and Nancy Evans, Grandmaster Frederick Scott, Grandmaster Don Straga and Coastal Martial Arts co-owner Karen Jacobi aboard the Cape Water Taxi to conduct the school's Black Belt promotions. (Source: Submitted)
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