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Compromise still an 'evil' solution to RV park

By Marion Gentul | Dec 23, 2013

Your recent editorial, On RV Park, Crawl Before Walking, concludes by offering a compromise regarding the proposed Love Creek RV City (300 RV sites, half of the 600 sites in the plan). This was astonishing to me that you basically call this a done deal when the county council has not yet placed their vote on the calendar!

Suggesting that council will “follow planning commission’s recommendation as it usually does” is a gross insult to the opposition and due process. All of the information presented thus far in your multiple reports demonstrates why RV city should not be approved. The opposition has supplied fact-based arguments on the significant issues proving why the Lingo applications should be denied. There appear to be a tiny handful of supporters of this project, in addition to the developer, and none of them have offered any substantial evidence as to the benefit of locating a large RV city in a residential area not easily accessed by major roads. A compromise solution is not appropriate here - the overwhelming majority of taxpaying residents call for rejection of this development.

When asked to compromise, one often hears the argument - choose the “lesser of two evils.” We, the residents opposed to this, should be grateful and accept that “only” 300 RVs will be permitted instead of 600 RVs? Please bear in mind, the lesser evil is still an evil. If this project is approved in any size, after the quality of life here is diminished by horrendous traffic and environmental destruction and taxpayers realize the lost revenue from transfer tax squandered by council members voting in favor of any size RV city - will you print an editorial admitting your misjudgment? It will be too late then.

Marion Gentul

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