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Cooper has been a diligent mayor

By Bea Wagner | Jun 06, 2014

I must respond to Tom McGlone’s most recent letter. He wants to be mayor of the City of Rehoboth Beach. Parking is his latest talking point and according to him, Mayor Sam Cooper has ignored this problem for 24 years.

Just for the record, Mayor Cooper led the commission in designing and passing the permit parking system in 1996. That’s 18 years ago. It was an innovative plan and has stood the test of time.

Now, Tom holds Mayor Cooper responsible to provide parking for an estimated 100,000 visitors on July Fourth. That’s roughly 25,000 cars. Tom says a parking garage would accommodate them.

And the taxpaying property owners of the City of Rehoboth Beach would pay for this. I don’t think so.

There is plenty of parking in Rehoboth Beach. Geography dictates that not a single space is farther than a half mile from the business district. We’re doing fine and we keep winning awards from groups who agree. I know that I will be voting for Sam Cooper for mayor.

Bea Wagner
Rehoboth Beach

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