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Cost-reward benefit for track better bang for the buck

Admission is free
By Dave Frederick | Apr 06, 2012
Photo by: Hokiesports Meg Bartley

Self-destruction - Trust me, I was an athlete first, nothing in second, idiot during my formative years in school, which qualifies me to be a group leader of a support group titled Sabotaging Your Own Life. I recently heard tales of four talented athletes reaching all the way down into middle school who are failing classes and acting the fool in the community. The usual tactic is to fill these underachieving and "cool with it" slackers with positive comments pointing out to them their natural gifts and how they should summon them to the surface before it’s too late. I found that approach rarely works, although it makes the teacher/coach type feel a whole lot better about imparting wisdom. I like the approach,”You’re a freaking idiot and likely to stay that way; why not skip the in-between part of addictions and petty crimes with no chance of being successful and just go straight to prison, and that way you’ll be younger when you get out.”

Paydays for Play Day - There were a lot of spectators inside Legends Stadium Wednesday night for the Sussex Tech at Cape lacrosse game, and everybody without an administrator pass or press credential or who wasn't a Cape athlete in uniform who played another sports contest that same day had to pay. I’m credential guy, so what do I care? But some parents who went to Cape and had kids at Tech, and one mom who paid $20 to get her tribe into the stadium, didn’t like it. I told them I don’t agree with it either, but no one asked me about it. Cape has $3 million in fields, paid for by children, $4 at a time? Yeah, I know, electric bill and all that. Some sprinter asked me, “How come they don’t charge for track meets?” and I answered, “Guess you ain’t no real sport?” That started a whole different conversation about how $4 and 18 events is a better cost/reward than some stupid lacrosse game.

Charging the field - I walked into Legends Stadium Wednesday night and all I heard was how the Sussex Tech junior varsity lacrosse team charged the field after beating Cape 7-6. “Consider it a sign of respect,” I said to the Cape connected crowd of a couple. “I don’t think any Ravens team had ever beaten a Cape lax team at any level, so good for them.” Later I talked to a former Cape all-state defender about the rivalry and he said, “It’s a rivalry for them but not for us.” I disagreed, responding, “In a true rivalry, you cannot stand the thought of anything good happening to your rival." And if it happens at your expense it’s a thousand times worse. Cape versus Sussex Tech in sports is a serious two-way sports rivalry for both sides so shout it out and admit it!

Bridgeton to Burgess Trophies - Cape track trophies for boys and girls are all over the place, hidden in plain sight or just plain hidden. Winning a team trophy at an invitational or conference or state meet is a big deal when it happens, but then athletes go on to the next competition, like gaining control of the remote in their own home. It is just impossible to display and categorize sports trophies. Most trophies have no names on them. Even if the trophy is displayed as Henlopen Conference Basketball Champions 1976, no one remembers who was on that team. The Cape girls have a great chance to win the Burgess Invitational this Saturday and grab that trophy. Why not just give it to Kadijah Doughty or Ahkeesha Duffy and let them take it home and keep it? My athletes kept their sweats to give to their grandmoms,  so why not keep a trophy? Yes, I am being stupid!

Snippets - Meg Bartley won 7 draw controls for Virginia Tech and Lillie Lingo won 2 for North Carolina as the Tar Heels defeated the Hokies in women’s lacrosse 15-4 April 1 at North Carolina’s Fester Field. Both Bartley and Lingo are walk-ons. They did face off against each other; no words, gestures or nods were exchanged, and I don’t have a clue who won the draw and it doesn’t matter, just awesome that two Cape players were inside the circle of prime-time Division One women’s lacrosse. See you at the Kite Festival; I’m looking for a giant barnyard animal to inflate - and a kite also. Go on now, git!

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