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Coyote trapping should not be allowed

By Frank Thamm | Aug 22, 2013

Coyote hunting and trapping should only be limited to hunting, not trapping - and only during regular hunting season.

Traps cannot see or distinguish from coyotes and other animals like a deer, a family pet that got loose and other friendly animals that do not need killing. All year hunting should not be allowed. I can see it now - people with guns walking through towns who were after coyotes protecting you.

Right now during hunting season in areas across from the Lewes Ferry I see people with guns going into the wooded area carrying side arms within city limits. Fire the gun in the wrong direction and you could kill someone.  But they allow it.

Has anyone had a dog or pet killed by coyotes? It seems we're hitting the panic button and want to give free reign to hunters and trappers. Delaware has not had any major problems from coyotes yet; let's not start profiling them. Remember they help control the deer and kill the weak and sick animals.

Coyotes and wolves were introduced back into some western states to control deer and elk population, so they can’t be as bad as you want to make them. So far I have not heard of any one seeing coyotes walking downtown streets.

Frank Thamm


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