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People, pets go all out for Sea Witch Festival

Oct 26, 2013
Photo by: Dan Cook Ahoy there! The Sea Witch Parade brought out colorful costumes and happy smiles for all.

Rehoboth Beach — The Sea Witch Festival's costume parade brought thousands of people to downtown Rehoboth Beach Oct. 26, with hundreds of folks participating. The parade kicked off shortly after 11 a.m. and continued until nearly 1 p.m., as floats, marching bands and costumed walkers strolled down Rehoboth Avenue toward the Bandstand, then back.

Sea Witch events continued through Sunday afternoon. For a list of events, go to the Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce's website,

Sea Witch costume parade
(Video by: Nick Roth)
Sea Witch games, 5K, pet parade
(Video by: Ron MacArthur)
Cary and Jon Bach of Baltimore strolled through Rehoboth as Ron Burgundy and Brian Fantana from "Anchorman." (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Zach Clayton and Zack Flores were pumpkin heads. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Sophie Liimatta of Millersville, Md., anxiously awaits the beginning of the parade. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Carolyn Cattafi of Rehoboth Beach was the scandalous front-page story in the tabloids. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Tim McLaughlin of Philadelphia dressed as a mummer for the parade. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
The Toy Story crew was brought to life by (l-r) Rachel Barnes, Allen Holmes, Graham Batzler, Lani Furbank, Zach Barnes and Kathy Holmes. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
The parade featured a number of creative costumes. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
A zombie takes advantage of a tasty parade participant. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Ocean Suds Laundromat came out to help clean up the parade route. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Like a scene from "The Walking Dead," zombies look hungrily at the crowd as they drive through Rehoboth. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
The Lewes Lighthouse walks the parade route. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Alexandra Ellis dressed as Merida of "Brave." (Photo by: Dan Cook)
The Sussex Family YMCA Dolphin is easily controlled during the beautiful Rehoboth weather. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Miss Delaware 2013 Rebecca Jackson waves to the crowd gathered at the Sea Witch Parade. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
The Wilmington College cheerleaders flipped for the Sea Witch. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
The Woodland String Band from Philadelphia entertained the crowd with their colorful costumes and beautiful sounds. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Everyone loves a clown, but how about this scary one? (Photo by: Dan Cook)
The original Sea Witch waves to the crowd. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Hall and Oates entertain the judges. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Meet the Flintstones as they roll in from Bedrock. Shown in back are (l-r) Mike Hojnicki as Barney and  Diane Thompson as Betty. In front are Barb Hojnicki as Wilma, Chris Thompson as Fred, Anthony Hojnicki as Bamm Bamm and Morgan Hojnicki as Pebbles. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Aurora, left, and Sebastian Kelm of Pittsburgh showed up from the "Teen Beach Movie." (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Dogfish Head Brewery entered this down-home float. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Quentin Miller looks from his cage at the Miller Zoo. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
A good witch, Jocelyn Castelli, 2, of Georgetown is pushed by her mom Katie Hynson. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Justin Fisher, 13, of Lewes pounds the skins as The Blue Man group. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
The Summer House entered this eerie bar float. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
The Wilmington University cheerleaders get major air while performing a basket toss for the crowd. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
The Nur Shriner motorcycles perform for the parade-goers. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Astrid Comp, 7, of Harrisburg, Pa., anxiously awaits the Sea Witch Parade. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Mr. Ed awaits the beginning of the parade. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
No that's not a member of the Blue Man Group; it's just a drummer with the Tulpehocken High School band. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Minnie Mouse aka Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce volunteer Sue Krick directs traffic at the start of the parade. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
The Sea Witch Parade wouldn't be complete without the Sea Witch balloon. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
For a howling good night, the Lazy L Bed and Breakfast welcomes you. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Ashleigh Ling from the Cape Marching Band contributes to the Vikings' first-place finish in the band division. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cape Henlopen 2013 grad and Miss Diamond State Rebecca Lusk waves to the crowd. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Scooby Doo plays the trombone with the Tulpehocken High School band followed by Fred on the sax. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
The Tulpehocken High School marching band made the trip down to Rehoboth Beach from Pennsylvania. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Colorful costumes could be seen throughout Rehoboth Beach during the parade. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
The cook and his favorite hot dog. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Sea Witch emcee Paul Hadfield kept the crowd entertained during the festivities. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
One of the Nur Shriners waves to the crowd while sitting next to his skeleton pal. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
The Ice Queen made an appearance from her chilly den. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Beam me up Scotty! Captain Kirk aka Cohen Davis walks with his USS Enterprise. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
"Star Wars" was represented in the parade by this pair of youngsters. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Finnley Huovinen of Ocean View wants your trash. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Colorful costumes of the string band glistened in the bright sunshine. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Candice, right, from the Animal Control float reminds everyone that Happy  is available for adoption. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
American Majestic Ms. Maryland Enid Kelly waves to the crowd. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
The Joker took a day off from terrorizing the residents of Gotham to walk in the Sea Witch parade. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Harry Potter and a veterinarian patiently wait for the parade to kick off. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Justin Fisher of Lewes and Brendan Moriak of Newark portrayed the Blue Man Group. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Don't mess with this guy. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
There was no yellow brick road, but the Tin Man still managed to find his way through the streets of Rehoboth Beach. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
People were lined up to donate and get bulldog kisses. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Jennifer the witch, Sofia the cat, and gypsy mom Kim Sgromo enjoy the monster art tent in Grove Park, all of which will be laminated and sent to U.S. troops via Operation Gratitude. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Batman Jeremy Forman stuffs the head for his giant scarecrow at the Bandstand after the Sea Witch Parade. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Family of witches (l-r) Julie Milsom, Kathy Reese, Kayla Campomizzi, Maura Campomizzi and Krista Campomizzi took an award for their group costume. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Audrey Bonk as a cowgirl princess slides in Grove Park.
Kenny Davis drives the back streets of Rehoboth in a carriage from his R&B Ranch in Salisbury, Md.
The children's broom toss is an annual tradition at the Sea Witch Festival. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Molly Biedrzycki of Pittsburgh, Pa., tries to keep a peanut on her nose during one of the children's games on the beach. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Ellie Walls of Lewes is all smiles as she runs in the plastic sword race. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Forest Rieger of West Chester, Pa., has enough trouble running in her rat costume, let alone carrying an inflated dinosaur.
Addison Schonherz of Chester Springs, Pa., never lets up in the plastic hoop contest. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Dressed as a pirate, Alexys Turner of Wilmington competes in the plastic hoop contest. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
It's a mad dash to the finish line in one of the children's games held Oct. 26 on the beach. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Alana Riley of Hershey, Pa., prepares to get a kiss from Dalia the bulldog. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Jenna Chambers of Seaford enjoys her horse ride on the beach. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
The Funsters are among several groups entertaining large Sea Witch crowds. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
The Woodland String Band Mummers strut their stuff on the Boardwalk. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
A hawk in a Maryland Department of Natural Resources booth keeps an eye on the proceedings. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Buoy the dalmatian is a fire dog for the day. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Rune Walker of Milton is comfortable in her small float with Boomer the Corgi. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Scenes like these are commonplace on the Boardwalk during the Sea Witch dog costume contest parade. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Barb Cavelius, a Baltimore teacher, and Molly were busy during Sea Witch. They participated in the 5K run early Oct. 27 and the dog parade in the afternoon. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Mary and Alannah Clayton and their pirate pugs are in the registration line for the dog parade. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Yorkshire Terrier Roxie of Easton, Md., is dressed as a small pumpkin. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Getting ready for the roundup are (l-r) Dillon Koster, Rachel Pappa, and Lily Koster, of Rehoboth Beach, and their boxer Cider. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Bringing the board game "Operation" to life was a group of family and friends from Lewes and Middletown. Shown are Troney Haney as the funny bone, Jim Druss as the wish bone, Linda Spruance as the broken heart, Preston Spruance as the spare ribs, Alexis Druss as the butterfly in the stomach, Savannah Druss as the bread basket, Sue Druss as the adam's apple and Mike Donovan as the doctor. Throughout the parade the group allowed spectators an opportunity to play the game. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
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