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Criticism of proposed RV park unfounded

By Walt Cunningham | Feb 01, 2013

Just attended the RV/campground zoning change hearing in Sussex County.  Standing room only! I was very neutral about the issue, even though I live  close by and travel all these exact roads everyday.  The lawyers, engineers and owners for the proposed park were very thorough, made very good points concerning these roads, laid out a very fine project, all of which won me over.  Looks like a first class RV campground. It will blend in with the area and have very little environmental impact. Looks like it will mostly be hidden in the woods.

I can appreciate the concern for the adjacent homeowners with the value of their $300-400k homes being impacted as was the situation at 3 Seasons Park next to Rehoboth County Club. For many of us, our first contact with coastal Sussex was through RVing or camping. We all did not start out with large permanent houses.

It has been many years since I camped here. Many times I dragged a RV trailer down here and there was no vacancy signs everywhere. Private campgrounds at Three Seasons, Sandy Cove were closed and the Inlet campground overflow was eliminated. Not being able to preplan keeps you out of Cape Henlopen and Indian River State campgrounds. They are filled for the season by March. Could use another private campground around here.

Pertaining to local traffic impact, mentioned so many times at the hearing, I will say I have refueled hundreds of times at the northbound WAWA and never observed or was delayed by an RV coming out Wolf Neck Road from Big Oaks campground just a stones throw away. So much misinformation at this hearing, I had to leave after hearing a civic association officer say the population of the fledgling RV park will surpass the entire city  of Lewes in a very short time!

Walt Cunningham

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Posted by: dorothy(dixie) Boucher | Feb 06, 2013 10:31

Mr. Cunnigham stated in his letter that he can appreciate the concern of homeowners about the fear of the devaluation of their property, however he offered no rebuttal.  That is a very real, monetary and legitimate concern and it is of utmost importance to the homeowners.  It seems that often when projects of this nature are decided and voted on under the guise of what is good for the economy, the people who are already living here are ignored. The effect on them and their lives is ignored. We are thrown away like yesterdays' trash because we don't matter.  Well, we do matter and we need to be respected and our concerns need to be considered.  The local governments need to wake up, and respond to the needs of the citizens who ALREADY LIVE HERE!  Dixie Boucher.

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