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Davis will provide new leadership in Dewey

By Lynn Juliano | Aug 29, 2014

I am very interested in this year’s Dewey election. It seems we have the mayor trying to get her two incumbents re-elected, saying our town is doing fine and we just need to keep up the good work.

But meanwhile, girls are getting their dresses ripped off by two guys who video it, right out on our main street. We have near riots at Northbeach, with police fearing for their safety and regularly calling in mounted state troopers, neighboring police forces and K-9 dogs to keep the peace.

And we have national publicity on the Conan O’Brien Show that has a girl with an inflatable penis on our so-called family-friendly beach, and the comment on the show that “anything goes in Dewey Beach.” Does that sound like all is well? Can you see the negative impact on property values?

I read former Commissioner Joy Howell’s letter, and I have heard from others about problems at Town Hall. Some of the things I’ve heard haven’t even hit the papers yet, but the behavior is unprofessional and is a liability for the town. Something needs to be done.

I think we need a change in town council in order to get a more effective, transparent, professional and accountable town government. We need more strength there to stand up to entrenched people and interests and see through the smoke and mirrors about how great the town is doing right now.

The only non-incumbent running, Dave Davis, spoke at the Dewey Civic League forum last weekend. It sounds like Dave Davis has the right mix of thoughtfulness and skill sets. We need someone who is truly dedicated to working for the property owners and is accountable to them.

I am looking forward to hearing more about Dave’s ideas for new leadership in Dewey Beach. It is long overdue, from this property owner’s viewpoint.

Lynn Juliano
Dewey Beach


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