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Delaware Hospice nurse Lisa Carver receives Excellence in Nursing Award

Aug 22, 2011
Source: Submitted Delaware Hospice Nurse, Lisa Carver, RN, CHPN,  holds the Delaware Excellence in Nursing Practice 2011 Hospice Care Award which was presented to her July 14.

Delaware Hospice recently announced that Delaware Hospice nurse Lisa Carver, RN, CHPN, of Ocean View, received the Delaware Excellence in Nursing Practice 2011 Hospice Care Award, and Delaware Hospice nurse Joe Dvorshock was a finalist.

The awards were presented July 14 by the Delaware Nurses Association, in partnership with the Delaware Organization of Nurse Leaders, to recognize those in the nursing field who consistently promote, excel, and bring a positive approach to their area of nursing practice. The nominations are reviewed and scored by a peer review process.

Carver said she couldn’t believe it when her name was announced as the recipient. “I feel so privileged to be at Delaware Hospice with such an amazing team of coworkers, and to be working with patients and families at such a special time. I’m not one for recognition; I just try to do my best in every situation. When I listened to the words written on my behalf, it was as if they were describing someone else,” she said.

Delaware Hospice Team Leader Claire Aiello, RN, CHPN, nominated Lisa for the award, and said, “I am proud to have her on my care team, and Delaware Hospice is blessed to have her providing care to our patients.”

She described Carver’s role at Delaware Hospice: “This candidate is a certified hospice nurse who provides after-hours care to patients with life-limiting illnesses and their families. She educates families on providing care for their loved ones, manages symptoms that occur during the end of life and provides emotional support to both patients and families. Through her knowledge of end-of-life care and symptom management she instills confidence in patients and their caregivers. Her passion for compassionate end-of-life care makes her an excellent candidate for this award.

“Lisa works as an on-call nurse at night and on weekends. When hired by Delaware Hospice, she was quick to become skilled at managing symptoms after hours, when families are struggling to keep their loved ones comfortable. She provides much-needed emotional support to patients and families at a time when they need it the most. In order to provide this care, she spends many nights traveling throughout Sussex County making visits to homes, hospitals and nursing homes.”

Carver loves her job. She said, “I feel honored to be welcomed into people’s homes during such an intimate time. It is extremely rewarding to be able to help people, solve problems, and see the relief on their faces when a loved one has been made comfortable.”

Carver added, “We have such a great team, and it’s wonderful to work for Delaware Hospice, where you are mentored, supported and enabled to provide the best possible care for your patients and families.”

Since 1982, Delaware Hospice has provided exceptional care and support to 36,000 patients and their families. Its mission is to help each patient, each day, live the fullest, most comfortable life possible.  For more information about Delaware Hospice’s programs and services, upcoming events, or employment opportunities, call 800-838-9800 or go to

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