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Delaware Shore Indoor League Week Four

Feb 10, 2013
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Photo by: ER Gooch Ellie and Josey sharing a moment from a game last July!

Indoor League Week Four


The Energizers lived up to their name on Sunday by using a big second half come back to earn a tie with the Alphacats. The Alphacats had moved out to a 3-1 lead in the opening half with goals from Rylee Pettyjohn (2) and Amand Sponaugle while Maci Long had the only score for the Energizers. Erin Kay scored for the Energizers to make it 3-2 but Sponaugle’s second goal pushed the lead back to 4-2 before Long and Kay scored to even the match.

After an even first half with the Defenders and Fireflys tied at 1-1, the defenders broke open the close game with four unanswered goals. Mackenzie Brown opened the scoring for the Defenders and Maggie Kemp tied the game just before half. Paige Ludwicki (3) and Noelle Sabbagh had the goals for the Defender’s second half outburst.

The Coasters broke the game wide open in the opening half to take the lad of 6-1 over the Grasshoppers. Taylor Smith had four of the opening half goals with support from Cameron Smith and Samie Jacona. Jarad Kay had the goal for the Grasshoppers. Erin Kay, T. Smith and Jacona scored the second half goals for the Coasters and J. Kay added another goal for the Grasshoppers to finish the scoring.

Cati Gallagher had the winning goal for the Heros late in the first half of the game with the Battalions. Kayla Curran finished the scoring for the Heros with her goal at 11:41 remaining in the second half to make the final 2-0.

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