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Delaware should be first state in gun control

By Beth Fitton | Jan 18, 2013

I just finished watching Vice President Biden and President Obama speak of their plans to reduce gun violence in the United States. Vice President Biden and members of the cabinet had made sweeping recommendations to the president following the vice president’s meetings with more than 250 groups since the massacre of 26 children and adults in Newtown, Conn.

As I watched, it became abundantly clear that they are going to need the kind of grassroots help that only the American people can muster. What better place to start than the First State, the vice president’s home?

What I propose is that each reader contacts their U.S. representative and senator. The message needs to be clear. Universal background checks! No sale of assault rifles! No ammunition clips holding more than 10 rounds! And finally, renew their commitment to school and public safety by funding staff and needed research - research to include pertinent mental health issues and deep seated causes of bullying.

This is not someone else’s job! As citizens, we need to make clear what we expect from our representatives. Don’t accept excuses. This is not an issue for partisan politics. We do not ask the affiliation of the person who stops the bullet meant for our loved ones.

Hunters - you didn’t bring down your last deer, fox or pheasant with an assault rifle. Sportsmen need to be very clear that what is being proposed will not limit their ability to continue hunting. However, it will greatly increase the likelihood that their child, grandchild, niece or nephew can go to a school without fearing violence or death.

For 26 families in Newtown and beyond, the unimaginable has happened. Do your part to insure that another family will not have to endure this horrific experience in the future. Forward this call to action by whatever means you can. Send it around the State and across the country.

Ask your contacts to join you in changing what we are willing to speak up for. And when they get in touch with their Congressperson, make it clear that they won’t accept excuses because they may end up paying with their lives.

Beth Fitton
Rehoboth Beach

Comments (4)
Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Jan 21, 2013 09:46

Typical knee-jerk over reaction as usual for the left wing, freedom restricting - having or characterized by a certainty, esp. an unfounded one, that one is totally correct or morally superior. Guns don't kill. People do.

Posted by: Tim McCollum | Jan 22, 2013 08:04

Let's call it "assault" rifle ban not gun control.  No one wants to take away our guns. It is about sensible regulation. Why not a ban on "assault" rifles and high capacity magazines?  You cannot protect yourself, family, and community without spraying 30 rounds in less than 1 minute?

Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Jan 22, 2013 08:55

Depends on who is coming Tim. Remember Waco? Let's face it; America is a violent society. So is Russia. There only organized crime can get 'assault' weapons. The murder rate makes us look like amateurs. The weapons available are axes, knives, and hands. Granted, most are domestic violence, but my point is that we will continue to have terrible crime unless society changes somehow.

Posted by: Peter Brennan | Jan 24, 2013 13:15

You cannot "spray" bullets with a semi-automatic firearm. The term "assault weapon" is incorrect. Putting a flashy paint job, custom wheels, and spoilers on a Prius doesn't make it a sports car.  

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