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Delaware's Strongest Man winners crowned at Baywood Greens

By Nick Roth | Sep 28, 2013
Photo by: Nick Roth Nick Hadge of Massachusetts won the teen national max axle event with a 325-pound lift. Teens competed alongside adults at the Delaware's Strongest Man Competition Sept. 22 at Baywood Greens.

Long Neck — Baywood Greens' 18th hole was the backdrop for the Fifth annual Delaware's Strongest Man Competition and the 2013 Teen National event Sept. 22. The event pitted competitors from across the country against each other in five events designed to test overall strength. Men and women each compete in axle press, sandbag carry, tire flip, keg toss and atlas stone lift in en route to crowning the day's champions.

Winning the teen national's lightweight division was Jed Thomas of Indiana, who won two events and placed second in the other three. Heavyweight winner Nick Hadge of Massachusetts won four of five events, including an axle press of 325 pounds.

Three women qualified for the 2014 national event for their efforts at Baywood Greens. Winner Michael Scharnach won four events to cruise to the victory. Alexandra Dantec and Gina D'Amico rounded out the top three.

Brian Graper and Adam Feit each put in quality efforts, winning the lightweight 200 and lightweight 231 divisions, respectively. After finishing third in the axle press event, Feit swept the final four events to claim victory. Graper never finished lower than second in an event to prove consistency is also key to success. Both men qualified for the 2014 nationals.

Frank Quartucci was the only competitor in the heavyweight 232 division, but still put forth a solid effort, recording the heaviest lift in the axle press event at 345 pounds.

The event was run by Kyle Bixler and Team Bix. Bixler said Delaware's Strongest Man will return to the Cape Region in 2014. For more information about Team Bix, go to


Mike Murray struggles to carry a 225-pound sandbag. He logged 175.8 feet in his turn. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Jed Thomas of Indiana placed second in the tire flip, but eventually went on to win the teen national event for the second straight year. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Colin Koser lifts a 550-pound tire in the national teen competition. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Alexandra Dantec flipped the tire seven times to finish second in the women's event. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Frank Quartucci easily clears 345 pounds in the max axle lift, topping the next closest competitor by 40 pounds. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Gabe Arnold tries to hold on for a few more feet in the sandbag event. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Ryan Brittingham is nearly there in a 265-pound lift. Brittingham finished second overall in the novice lightweight division. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Kerry Bowman flips a tire during the women's competition. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Ryan Brittingham carries a sandbag back and forth in 50-foot intervals. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Teen competitor Andrew Triana of Massachusetts flipped the tire 13 times, but it wasn't enough, as the winner logged 17 flips. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Justin Lutz gives it everything he has in the max axle press event. Lutz managed to clear 200 pounds in the event. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Marshall Fowler struggles to complete the 205-pound press. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
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