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DelDOT needs a complete overhaul

By John Mitchell | Jul 14, 2013

The picture of Route 1 and Postal Lane on page eight of the July 9 issue of the Cape Gazette is the only safe crossover on Route 1 with lines on the roadway and pedestrians buttons on the poles for pedestrians to cross the roadway.

There are no other safe ways to cross on Route 1 whatsoever. My wife and I were at CVS July 7 around noon and this young girl was trying to cross over the highway at that light with no time to cross because there is no safe way to cross without pedestrian buttons on poles.

I went to our Sandy Brae Home Owner's Association meeting in June and a DelDOT representative was there. I suggested to him about this and he stated he does not want to hold up traffic with these crossovers at lights because he wants to try to keep traffic moving. I also suggested to him about bridges over the highway to walk over and his comment was "people won't use them or will throw things down from them."

I believe DelDOT does not want to spend any money on pedestrian safety because they blew too much money on the Indian River bridge and gave people too much money for other land deals. I think DelDOT needs a new management and complete overhaul.

John Mitchell

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