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DelDOT traffic study on RV City flawed

By Marion Gentul | Sep 19, 2013

The DelDOT study concerning traffic going to the proposed RV City ignored the actual routes that RVs will likely take if they use a navigational tool. This is not rocket science. Simply doing a MapQuest search reveals the following: (use Coastal Towing on Cedar Grove Road as the destination).

1. From Dover: at Five Points make a right onto Route 9 W/SR404W/SR18W. Make a left onto Belltown Road, then a left onto Plantation Road, and then a right onto Cedar Grove Road. There is no mention of increased traffic at Five Points because DelDOT believes that people won't turn there, believing they will continue down Route 1 to Postal Road.

2. From Georgetown: Route 9, to right on Fisher Road, right onto Beaver Dam Road/SR 23, first left onto Kendale, left onto Robinsonville, right onto Cedar Grove Road. No recommendations or requirements for improvements for this entire route are in the DelDOT report.

3. From Millsboro: this route by MapQuest sends the driver on SR30/SR24, SR 30N/SR24E. The direct route is then make a right onto Jersey Road (which becomes Hollyville, then Hollymount), then left onto Beaver Dam Road (SR-23). Then right onto Kendale, then left onto Robinsonville Road, then right onto Cedar Grove Road.

Again, no improvements for this entire route of narrow country roads running through farmland and residential areas are recommended or required in the DelDOT report.

Robinsonville Road has been completely ignored despite the fact that it intersects with Cedar Grove Road.

The DelDOT study is clearly and seriously flawed and should not be used as a reason to approve RV City.

Marion Gentul

Comments (3)
Posted by: larry sullivan | Sep 20, 2013 12:53

The DELDOT study is not flawed, but your points certainly are. First, RVer's don't rely on Mapquest. We use it as a general guide, but we stay away from secondary roads if at all possible. For instance, from Georgetown, we would come down Route 9 and make the turn at Plantation Rd. We would not even consider the route you describe. Same for Millsboro - up Rt 24 to Mullbury Rd. From Dover (which is where 90% of RVers will come from) they WILL use Postal Rd once it is realigned, which will be done about the same time the campground will be up and running (2016).  Another point is that most RVer's will come down in the spring during the week and stay for the season and return in the fall. You will not even notice their arrival and departure. It will have zero impact on our roadways.

Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Sep 21, 2013 07:44

I know that you are an RV'er Mr. Sullivan; and that you condone them. However your statements are flawed. Zero impact is an overstatement to be sure.

Posted by: Marion Gentul | Sep 21, 2013 09:56

I have nothing against RV's, and in fact hope to rent one sometime and go out West. There are plenty of nice RV parks in the Lewes area that are located right off major roads. We don't need another one located in a residential area. BTW - Rt 9 does not intersect directly with Plantation Rd. You should try going that way and you will see that you have to navigate a strange and complicated intersection where traffic already backs up. I don't know what your source of information is, but to claim that no one will notice the arrival or departure of 600 RVs on a weekly basis is, quite frankly, utterly ridiculous. The plan calls for this volume and they intend adding to the entry to accomodate I believe around 20 RV's off Cedar Grove Rd BEFORE they even get into RV City. If anyone believes this volume of traffic will not be noticed or seen, I recommend an eye examination, for you should not be operating a vehicle yourself if you can't see hundreds of these large vehicles. The RV City simply does not belong here. Please patronize the nice RV places that already exist.

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