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Dew Tour dazzles Ocean City

By Nick Roth | Aug 25, 2012
Photo by: Nick Roth Baltimore native Bucky Lasek eyes his landing in the skateboard vert finals of the Pantech Beach Championships Aug. 18 in Ocean City, Md. The event is the first stop of the Dew Tour.

Ocean City — The Dew Tour returned to Ocean City, Md., for the second consecutive year Aug. 16-19 for the Pantech Beach Championships, showcasing the best in the world of professional skateboarding and BMX.

Athletes in both sports competed in various competitions over four days, including vert, park, skate bowl and the daunting Mega 2.0 ramp. Skateboarders also fought for superiority in the Skate Bowl event.

The event featured many of skateboarding's biggest names, including Baltimore native Bucky Lasek, Andy MacDonald, Bob Burnquist and Dew Tour vert defending champion Pierre-Luc Gagnon. PLG kicked off the 2012 Dew Tour where he left off last year, winning the vert event Saturday as skateboarding/ snowboarding crossover Shaun White watched from the crowd. Lasek finished second in both vert and the Skate Bowl.

“It feels great to win again at the Dew Tour,” said PLG. “I had a hard time in practice, but kept my cool and threw it down when it mattered. I’ve done this a bunch of times, so I knew what I had to do.”

But a crop of younger skaters also dazzled the crowds. Twelve-year-old Tom Schaar won the Mega 2.0 ramp event when he landed a 1080 in the finals, besting runner-up Elliott Sloan and Burnquist.

"I’m so stoked,” said Schaar, after gaining the win in his third event of the weekend. “I’m a little tired after skating in all these events, and I didn’t expect to do this well since I didn’t get a lot of practice on the ramp. I guess I got a little lucky.”

Schaar first landed the 1080 five months ago, and is still the only skateboarder to successfully complete the trick.

The Dew Tour's next stop is slated for the Toyota City Championships in San Francisco, Calif., Oct. 18-21.

According to Chris Prybylo, vice president of events for Alli Sports, the event drew more than 93,000 people this year, the highest-attended event in Dew Tour history. He said talks are under way to bring the event back to Ocean City in 2013.

"We are still working through details, but we have formally held the 2013 dates with the city and hope to make a collective decision with the city officials in a timely manner," he said.

Weekend winners

Skate Bowl Legends - Chris Miller

Surf Expression - Eric Geiselman

BMX Vert - Jamie Bestwick

Skateboarding Vert - Pierre-Luc Gagnon

BMX Mega Ramp - Zack Warden

BMX Park - Brett Banasiewicz

Skate Bowl - Pedro Barros

Skateboard Mega Ramp - Tom Schaar

Skateboarding legend Andy MacDonald gets some air during the semifinals of the vert competition. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Andy MacDonald keeps focused on landing his trick. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
The vert competition was held on the beach near the Jolly Roger pier in downtown Ocean City. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Andy MacDonald talks about his run with a competitor. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Twelve-year-old Tom Schaar smiles after landing a 900 in a semifinal run in the vert competition. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Marcelo Bastos shakes off a fall. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Bob Burnquist grimaces after falling during a semifinal run. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Sam Beckett reaches for his board mid-trick during the vert semifinals. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Bucky Lasek grinds the rail in the vert competition. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Bucky Lasek sulks in disappointment after falling during a run. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Jamie Bestwick won his eighth consecutive BMX vert title at the Dew Tour event. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Simon Tabron takes his hands of the bars during his run in the BMX vert finals. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Simon Tabron gets some air in the BMX vert finals. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Vince Byron gets inverted during a run in the BMX finals. Byron finished second in the event. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
BMX legend Ryan Nyquist talks with a colleague between runs. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Francisco Zurita flips as his competitors look on during the BMX vert finals. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Brett Banasiewicz stamps his hand on the rail during a semifinal run in the BMX park event. Banasiewicz won the park title. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Scotty Cranmer looks to complete a front flip. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Andrew Buckworth reaches for the rail as he flips over the ramp. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Drew Bezanson performs a trick during the BMX Park event Aug. 18. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Ryan Nyquist does a flip in the BMX Park semifinals. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Skateboarders get huge air in the Mega 2.0 ramp. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Adam Taylor gets huge air during practice on the Mega 2.0 ramp. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
A crowd formed on the beach as skateboarders practiced on the Mega 2.0 ramp on Saturday. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Skateboarding legend Steve Caballero, 47, watches his younger colleagues practice on the Mega 2.0 ramp. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Bob Burnquist soars over the half pipe during the vert finals. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Vert winner Pierre-Luc Gagnon grabs his board midair during his run in the finals. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Shaun White didn't compete in the event due to injury, but made sure to make it out to watch his friends and competitors. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Pierre Luc-Gagnon celebrates his win in the vert competition with runner-up Bucky Lasek, left, and third-place finisher Sandro Dias. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Fans get into the vert competition. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
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Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Aug 25, 2012 08:02

An awesome event in an awesome location in an awesome city. Thanks for the pics Nick. Dew tour has found a home in Ocean City.

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