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Dewey officials continue on foolish path

By Marie Hutton, Ed.D. | May 18, 2013

Thanks to the Dewey Beach Town Council for once again poising itselves for yet another lawsuit by local businesses. By elevating a noise ordinance to a criminal status, and linking it to the revoking of businesses licenses, business will be forced to take the matter to court. Instead of reducing the legal fees line item and funneling town money into much-needed services in the town, they will get to transfer money to fight more legal battles! Congratulations - you may out do your last legal budget and waste even more town money for frivolous lawsuits.

Had the council merely agreed to change the town charter to substantially increase penalties for noise violations, everyone would win. The town could add large amounts of money to the budget for violations and the business would still be safe. Folks would not have to worry about losing their jobs and businesses would not have to fear the loss of their licenses. No attorney fees would be needed and it would be a win/win situation.

One has to wonder why Dewey Beach holds public hearings. The council fills the room with their supporters, concludes everyone supports their decisions and then does what they want regardless of public input! Consider the idea that council believes that a free Public Ethics Committee provided by the state, costs less than one we have to pay attorneys to oversee.

What is most interesting is that Dewey businesses are berated and badgered by council at every turn and then expected to donate hugh amounts of money to the town. Surprisingly, they do it! Thank you business owners!

Marie Hutton, Ed.D.
Dewey Beach

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