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Dewey should proceed evenhandedly

By Tony Murray | Nov 21, 2013

The following letter was sent to the Dewey Beach commissioners with a copy submitted to the Cape Gazette for publication.

My name is Tony Murray. I was the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit filed by four citizens known as Murray v the Town of Dewey Beach. The reason for my involvement in that suit was that I was a strong advocate for the enforcement of the 35-foot height limit in the Dewey Beach Town Building Code. Further, I was the largest contributor in financing the lawsuit, which speaks of my dedication to that cause.

After reading about the fiasco surrounding 114 Chesapeake Street, I cannot help but think that this issue has not been properly adjudicated. All parties concerned should have a voice in one forum before any intelligent decision can be reached.

For instance, to imply the building code is ambiguous, when possibly the people who wrote that code would dispute that fact, does an injustice to the dedicated town residents who prepared the document.

Please take the time to recognize the fundamental importance of even handedness and thoughtfulness in your decision making process and how that will affect the future of the town we all love and enjoy.

Tony Murray
Dewey Beach

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Posted by: Dave Davis | Nov 21, 2013 18:45

Tony:  You and I have agreed on pretty much everything in Dewey for these last several years, but I have to admit that on this, it is hard to understand what point you're trying to make.  Are you saying the town didn't have a chance to plead its case?

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