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Dive opens in Rehoboth Beach

With new floor, dance club makes a splash on opening weekend
By Molly MacMillan | May 08, 2014
Photo by: Molly MacMillan The new Dive dance club and bar on Rehoboth Avenue Extended is ready to welcome everyone to its revamped dance floor. Dive replaces the Double L bar with its famous - or infamous - Man Dance.

The new dance club Dive has opened in Rehoboth Beach, just six months after the Double L closed its doors at the same location.

"As the pun of the name suggests, we are a 'dive' bar, but a classy dive bar," said general manager Christian Randolph. "We hope to be the local hangout where people can come."

Sporting a fresh coat of blue paint, a clean new  appearance and a refinished dance floor, Dive opened in May and is now open daily at 3 p.m. There is no kitchen and no food is served.

Open at 3 p.m. daily, the new establishment has no kitchen and serves no food.

With a total of 10 male and female employees including bartenders, security and management, Randolph said, Dive hopes to attract a mixed crowd. "We are an everybody bar," he said. "It's a 'come as you are' bar."

Randolph was a bartender at the Double L , known for its Man Dance, and said the owners of Dive are a silent partnership that gave him creative freedom to re-make the club.

On opening night, bartender Kate Hill said Dive was going to make waves with the debut of disc jockey Wave and the Abyss dance party.

"It's been pretty busy, especially considering the time of year," Hill said "That's because we've got the best dance floor."

Opening night patrons were not entirely sure what to expect at the new bar, but  as patron and D.C. resident Brian Hess said, as the culture has become less segregated in recent years, Dive aims to be a mixed-crowd dance club.

"Different groups can definitely hang out together," Hess said. "But it would be cool if they had different music on different nights."

Randolph said he wants to reach out to local talent and have auditions to spin at the club, in addition to booking a variety of bigger acts including DJs and guitarists.

For more information about Dive, search 'Dive bar Rehoboth' on Facebook or call 302-212-2783.


Opening night patrons (l-r) Christopher Ridgley, Kati Thompson and George M. Reissig enjoy a mild evening on the patio at Dive. (Photo by: Molly MacMillan)
Bartenders (l-r) Brandon Wyant, Kate Hill and Alicia Dennis get down behind the bar on opening night at Dive. (Photo by: Molly MacMillan)
General manager Christian Randolph says Dive is a bar and dance club for anyone over 21 years of age. (Photo by: Molly MacMillan)
Rehoboth locals Brian Gray, left, and Charles Bounds visit Dive on opening night and relax in front of vintage Rehoboth Beach memorabilia from the now-defunct Renegade dance club on the patio. (Photo by: Molly MacMillan)
The dance floor at Dive is freshly re-finished for the grand opening. (Photo by: Molly MacMillan)
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