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DMHOA to hold seminar on new rent justification law Nov. 16

Public is invited free of charge
Nov 01, 2013

The Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association will host a seminar at 1 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 16, on the new rent justification law affecting home owners on leased land. The seminar will be held at the Christ Evangelistic Church, 9802 Camp Road, Laurel. The public is invited free of charge.

Under the new law, rent increases above the Consumer Price Index-Urban for the Philadelphia, Wilmington, South New Jersey area requires the community owner to notify the Delaware Manufactured Home Relocation Authority and meet with the home owners in the community. The landlord must present documentation on the increases above the CPI-U. If the home owners are not in agreement, they may request arbitration with a $250 fee.

Under Delaware law, home owners are not required to sign a new lease contrary to what some community owners are claiming.

DMOHA President Ed Speraw says the seminars have been held in all three Delaware counties because of the large number of questions and complaints DMHOA has received as rent increase notifications are being received.

The CPI-U is based on the last 36 months of the year and can go up or down. It is posted on the Delaware State Housing Authority and DEMHA website.

DMHOA is the oldest and largest nonprofit organization providing a wide rang of services for residents on leased land. For additional information contact Speraw at 302-245-5200.

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Posted by: Pat Weyl | Nov 15, 2013 13:45

I have been bombarded with calls from upset residents about the information being presented in these meetings by DMHOA.  I have received recordings of the DMHOA meetings and the presentations on the Rent Justification.  There is false information being presented by DMHOA on this issue.
I have asked several people who are directly involved in this new law to attend this meeting tomorrow.  Our group is working on a standard information package for residents to help them understand the process from a resident perspective and how it will affect them.  I have also requested help from the players involved to help establish something standard so residents have a reputable source for information.  This way they don't have false information given to them. 
The information on these recordings is alarming.  For one example, our group has had an attorney review the long leases being offered by landowners and have found there is no negative affect on the resident if they sign a long lease. In fact it helps the residents.  DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING PRESENTED BY DMHOA AS THE LAW.  Have a new lease reviewed, it is to your benefit.
Go to the meeting and record it if possible.  If not possible to record, take notes.   Ask questions tomorrow and don't take the response of "oh that's private information" excuse from any DMHOA Board member.  There will be others in the audience who are observing the presentation. 
Our residents need protected.  And our group will make sure the truth is presented. 
Pat Weyl

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