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Do Not Panic

By Bill Cullin | Sep 22, 2013
Many homebuyers have experienced the alternating waves of excitement and regret that can occur when the real estate agent presents your offer to the sellers and they accept it. At first you will probably feel ecstatic--unless you wake up the next morning, covered with a rash and asking yourself, "What on earth have I just done?"

Occasionally agents get a morning-after call from buyers who will do anything to get out of the commitment they just made. If you are purchasing a home and find yourself in this condition, there are two important things to remember. First, your rash accompanies a very common condition called "Buyers' Remorse". Almost everyone who buys a house experiences this feeling, with varying degrees of intensity, sometime between making the inital offer and finalizing the sale. 

Second, you should know that the anguish of buyer's remorse is almost always temporary. If you experience a sudden panic attack over your home purchase, call your real estate agent immediately. Postpone making any radical decision about backing out of the contract until you have considered things carefully and rationally with your agent.

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