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Donations Needed to Help!

By Kevin Usilton | Oct 19, 2012
Thank You!

This sweet young harliquen great dane was found as a stray yesterday in Bridgeville.

He not only suffers from Demodectic mange, but he is underweight, and has limited vision.


The KCSCPA is using our resources to help heal his neglect, but we need you to help us. 

If you can make a donation to help our neglected animals, the animals like this great dane would greatly appreciate it.


Visit our webpage at to make an online donation by using our paypal account. 

Thank you!

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Posted by: crystal shear | Oct 19, 2012 17:57

When you see this Poor Baby,  Looks bad, suffers from Demodectic mange,  I can't even comprehend what he has
gone though  I would imagine he  Itches to no end..    This didn't happen over night
Just coming out of Hot Weather,
Hungry to boot, 
Looking at this,  Is exactly  what your Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  ( SPCA)  see on a Regular  base's  !!!!    Hard for us  General folks to look at,
Just think of the amount of animal's that come though their door,   Cases' like this,   Spca's don't have a choose to
say  "We're Full,   can't take them !!!! 
Let me ask,  Would you want the Spca's to turn their back's on Animals such as this little guy ???    Hadn't he already
suffered enough to have  Spca turn them away !!!!
It's a Fact, State of  Delaware doesn't finically support the 3 SPCA's here in Delaware !!!!    They Solely strive on the Revenue from the cruelty  case's they have, and Adoption fee's they receive,   YOUR donations......
This year the Kent County SPCA has billed $198,952.00 dollars to owners who have been prosecuted for cruelty to animals, to date we have received zero payment.     How do you make low life's pay for their  Actions

Now If any one out there Can help in getting money that is owed to them,,,  I wish there was away to Attach their Tax Returns!
In the mean time,
Our State could have a better way,   How we ALL would like to help, and prosecute Ones reasonable in the Cruelty
For now anything you can give,   $20  will add up....

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