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Don't blame Newlands for minor problem

By Norman R. Lester | Feb 21, 2013

During the Feb. 16 forum for mayoral candidate, there appeared to be a common theme: that all of the minor problems in the town of Milton were the responsibility of Mayor Newlands.

As an elected member of the town council, I am aware of certain rights and privileges of a council member. Ms. Jones and Mr. Booros excoriated Mayor Newlands for his failure to clean up the town. Allow me to point out the following to our fellow residents:

As elected officials, the council members may discuss the problems they see with the maintenance department employees and/or the code enforcer.
They may appeal to the town manager to ensure that ongoing problems are resolved.

Last, but by no means least, it  is the social responsibility of residents. If we have a continuing litter problem, there is clearly a lack of civic pride. Allowing grass to grow beyond a reasonable height, littering of yards and the parks, etc. are not problems to be laid at the foot of the mayor.

We need less talk for public consumption and more action from our council members and citizens alike.

Norman R. Lester

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